I had planned on chasing the Moonrise. For several days the moon has risen in full faced, spectacular form. Today, I thought, I will have my tripod, the right lens, the planning to be in place in advance rather than snapping some quick shots from home. I was ready, but all day the clouds and rolling thunder backed up over the city and toward the Cascades to the East.

As the time approached, I ventured out and noticed that dark grey/black band of clouds extending back  toward town from the mountains. Not even a break in those clouds suggested an opportunity at possibly finding the Moon. I decided to head back West toward town and there on the horizon was a hint at a silver lining. Well what the hell, I might as well pull over and grab that. Maybe a post about the silver lining and hope amidst darker times. Why not?

The initial shot was nice enough.

-clouds-sunset-silver lining-photography-SwittersBBut, then I caught a glimpse of the bottom of the sun dipping into view as the Earth rotated so much quicker.  


The Sun came into view, the few rays pushing downward through the cloud cover. The intense sunlight made the clouds glow and their layers of texture show. Onward the Earth rotated away from the Sun and the scene changed by the seconds.

sunset-clouds-SwittersB-photographyIt wasn’t the full Moon rising in the East. I wasn’t positioned to capture, maybe for once, the craters on the Moon’s surface. Instead, I enjoyed the Sun setting through the dark clouds and the silver lining of the clouds bathed in that intense sun light.