‘Why the fascination

with this little, smiling,

pointy hatted, garden creation?’


gnome-garden-yard art-photography-SwittersB

I have this emerging distraction in the garden…too many things, too many doodads, too many busy things. Windmills, yard art, wind chimes, spinning crystal balls, bells, bird baths, statues amidst the flowers, trees, shrubs. Too many. Some were my Mom’s, my Aunt’s. Sentimentality and history keeps them anchored. But, I have added ‘stuff’. I need, I must, wean this gardener out of the clutter of sounds (too many competing sounds of chimes), out of peeling, painted concrete animals (I actually won’t have difficulties here). 

Oh, but the one creations that I will not be able to remove are the Gnomes. Oh my no! No can do. Magical. Suggesting, no more than a suggestion, something to the garden that is tended to in my absence (wish they would weed now and then). I give it little depth of thought. Probably because I know it is fanciful, make believe. Yet, as an adult, there is this silliness of having these little pointed hatted, smiling creations greeting me as I enter the yard.

Hmmm? The older I get, the more I like to stay in touch with that last vestige of fantasy…helps with the grandchildren.