We attended a party this past weekend. A raucous affair for a residential neighborhood. Live music, a diverse crowd of mostly counter-culture persuasion. Nary a soul san ink. The air was pungent, scented with the herb. The music was inciting of happy feet and possessed gyrations. It could have been 1972. 

I couldn’t help but notice the night-time lighting in the landscaping. I moved through the sweaty, moving bodies to snap a few shots…yes, there I was moving through the Rhody taking photos as if trying to find Alice’s rabbit hole. No Alice wasn’t ten feet tall………….

blue light, yard, lighting, photography-SwittersB


party-music-system-blue light-photography-SwittersB~

red light-shadows-party-photography-SwittersB~

red light-yard-rhody-photography-SwittersB