Little children being held as human shields by terrorists…Christians being crucified, beheaded, denigrated…hundreds of Yazidi villagers buried alive by terrorists…ebola…a resurgence of fascism…a seeming conflagration waiting to burst forth and consume more innocents. This daily onslaught of devastation, that also masks and blurs the dilution of our liberties, makes one turn away, sooner or later, out of a sense of powerlessness, anger, numbness and overload. Turn toward gentler, kinder, soulful outlets that renew our minds, our hearts, our very soul in the face of evil, in a loving cocoon.  

So, when the passings of these creative souls takes place it is a thump to the chest, the gut. These are our refuges from out there. From evil, yes evil. It is a loss that intrudes on our gentle trance of joy and satisfaction. This week, I have felt this more than usual. It is in proportion to the outrage and futility I feel when ever I turn out toward danger, devastation, incompetence and brutality.

I am not one for sticking my head in the sand and ignoring reality. But, I have so loved escaping to those kind souls who live and breathe decency and dignity in the face of darkness. I pray, as events unfold, that I will carry on this spark of kindness even as I turn back toward the chaos I see. Seriously thank all of you that seek and give that gentle nudge toward love, softness and giving.