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Getting Stuck…

“God writes a lot of comedy… the trouble is, he’s stuck with so many bad actors who don’t know how to play funny.” Garrison Keillor

Life is like standing about, watching, observing, assessing, waiting, anticipating and maybe helping.  You see the guy driving over the hard packed sand. But, you watch as he ventures into the deep, soft sand, pulling a heavy load. As in life, you wait. You observe and know, this friend, this neighbor, this stranger is about to get stuck. Maybe you wave at him, yell to hold up or maybe you let him do it his way. Yes, it happens. He is stuck and he keeps making it worse. He erupts in anger, in a display of denial. Then, maybe, you offer to help dig him out, push him out, pull him out. And, then you watch him drive on and hope he learned his lesson.



3 Hard Things….

‘A Diamond, Steel & Knowing One’s Self ‘  (Benjamin Franklin)

I just chuckled as I considered my recent photographic efforts. I review the most gloriously beautiful images of travelers here on WP. Exotic, historical, once in a life time moments they enjoy and share. The vibrance, textures, humanity of it all is so powerful. I admire those travelers and their photographic eye, their vision. Thank goodness it is shared.

Because of late, for assorted reasons, I am photographing only the immediate things out my back door or while running a quick errand to the hardware store…maybe I see something. No profoundly beautiful locations. That will change at some point, but for now bare with me (tsk, tsk) as I snap the immediate stuff and  try to finesse those images into something meaningful, hopeful, affirming or humorous.

steel-angles-black & white-photography-angles-SwittersB


Can you see……..

the changes, especially in the morning, as the sun comes up? The angle is different. The sun seems to be rising slightly more to the southeast now. The penetrating light throws new shadows now and bathes a different part of the rose garden at first light. The geese were busy early this morning, honking and fly toward a nearby wetland. I can hear and see the elder gardeners tending to their watering and deadheading now before the heat of the day pushes them indoors. It is a very pleasant morning.

red rose-macro-photography-SwittersB

The elegant progression of the rose never fails to please me. Like people, more often than not, there is something uniquely beautiful with each rose. Such a beautiful cycle of life gardening is. Not just in roses, of course, but in all the tending to the soil, the nutrients, the plantings, the nurturing and then, usually, the bounty of flowers or vegetables or trees pours forth through one’s efforts. Good health, physically and emotionally, to all of you. I do hope you enjoy the weekend and life’s burdens ease a bit for you.

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