the changes, especially in the morning, as the sun comes up? The angle is different. The sun seems to be rising slightly more to the southeast now. The penetrating light throws new shadows now and bathes a different part of the rose garden at first light. The geese were busy early this morning, honking and fly toward a nearby wetland. I can hear and see the elder gardeners tending to their watering and deadheading now before the heat of the day pushes them indoors. It is a very pleasant morning.

red rose-macro-photography-SwittersB

The elegant progression of the rose never fails to please me. Like people, more often than not, there is something uniquely beautiful with each rose. Such a beautiful cycle of life gardening is. Not just in roses, of course, but in all the tending to the soil, the nutrients, the plantings, the nurturing and then, usually, the bounty of flowers or vegetables or trees pours forth through one’s efforts. Good health, physically and emotionally, to all of you. I do hope you enjoy the weekend and life’s burdens ease a bit for you.