Beards: once shaven off as punishment. At times everyone has one (if they can grow one) and then few have them but the rebels. Beards thick and gnarly or wispy and scraggly. I have several time in my life had a full beard and hardest part was having to shave it off. Today, I often threaten to grow a pony tail and full beard. It gets the humorous response each time from my wife, daughter, female barber…’hell no!!’ 

Like any physical/visual conditions: muscles, lean, burly, bald, full head of hair, tats, no tats, hairy bodies, hairless bodies, staches, no staches, beards or no beards, men bounce between rebellion, vanity, conformity and somehow continue to annoy women along the way. More about beards

beard-brush-grooming-photography-T Muncy-SwittersB