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Life’s Canvas………..

red wall-growth-death-new-old-photography-SwittersB


I’d rub your belly, but…..

Penny the Cat-pets-cats-Tabby-photography-SwittersB

I know to let sleeping Penny lie. That inviting fat cat tummy would invite a chaotic response and immediate first aid. Better to enjoy the fact that she was relaxed enough to sprawl out. Always on her terms.

penny sleep-cats-pets-photography-SwittersB



no one understands? Everyone reaching out to share, to explain, to seek, to find. Adrift, clutching, hiding, needing. Answers, truths, realities challenged. The challenge becomes the norm. The spinning of mental balm the talent. Fine, but yet we seek the truths again and again. Will we recognize them when we see them? Moments of truth will either rise like the morning sun or crash upon our heads to bring us to our knees. 

you don't understand



Spider Web Over Night…

spider web, swittersb, spiders, Fall

This time of year, one has to be aware first thing in the morning for the far strung tentacles of a spider web. This one was spun over night. Doesn’t seem possible. I had backed into the spot last evening. This morning the spider web, with spider, reached from a gutter above (upper right) to a fence (out of sight, upper left) and down to the back of my truck. All that work! Of course, I had to work my way through the support threads and then drive away.


Creationist & Fish

midge pupa-chironomid-SwittersB-macro-photography

A pleasing component of fly fishing is tying your own fly patterns. It is a past time that allows for varying degrees of artistic flare. It requires one to study insects and their behavior, to study the traditions of fly patterns around the world, to study the behavior of fish that consume insects, invertebrates, critters and other fish, to study the habitat, in which, fish and their food reside.

Yes you can just order flies on line or buy some at the local fly shop or big box sporting goods store. However, you might want to enhance your fly fishing experience by taking fly tying lessons and then improving your new skills with online research. There is something, after decades of tying, that gives me great pleasure to seduce a fish to a fly I tied and then to release that fish to safety (anti Catch & Release? Get over it!).

Fall is the time many fly shops and community colleges offer fly tying lessons. The lessons are usually offered in reasonably priced allotments for beginners. This is a nice gift for someone to give the fly fisher. Classes are often provided through Winter into Spring. Consider it. Create your own flies that either match traditional patterns or create your own magical experiment.

trout-fly fishing-SwittersB-photography

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