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Texture of a Downpour

and a missed opportunity via “I should go over there….no, I’ll do it tomorrow”. The water was up and the salmon were moving up river. In fact, look across the river, in the below image, and you will note a small stream flowing into the river. My attention was drawn toward the mouth of that small stream. Dozens of large salmon were staged at the mouth and attempting to push up into the stream. Their backs were protruding as they pushed, thrashed and twisted via powerful tail thrusts. 


I thought that would make for some great photos. I would sit and focus on the five foot wide mouth and take great shots of the fish, rocks, water and splashes. Yes, that was a great idea I thought. But, not that day, I had to catch fish (those fish staged off the small stream are quite vulnerable and to me it would be blatantly unethical to harass them at the point they were entering their spawning habitat).

What I didn’t think about was the water level not only dropping for the main river, but also for the small stream. The next day, the water had dropped so far the salmon could not make a run into the small stream. They were no where to be seen. Opportunity lost…so I fished upriver.

Tonight, I’m back home and I can see it is currently raining hard at the coast. The water will rise by morning and those salmon will be staged off that small stream and muscle up over those rocks and I won’t be there to capture it. Maybe soon (it won’t last much longer) or maybe it waits until next year.


River In Transition

I would like to show two spots along an Oregon coastal river I was fishing this week. October has been dry, hence the Chinook Salmon have been kegged up in tidewater waiting for a freshet to move up into freshwater to spawn. This week the rain came enough to raise this river about 18″ in about 36 hours. During this time the holding lies changed, the fish were on the move and the water turned from clear to mocha and then to what is known in the Pacific NW as ‘steelhead green’. The fish came and meaningful connections were made.

The two spots, I am showing, were excellent for swinging a Comet and also for watching the Salmon muscle up through the rapids. They show the transition over about twenty four hours time. 




This shelf was an excellent spot for watching the Chinook nose up through the waters at various heights. I know it is a lot of images to wade through, but they give a nice sequence of the changes.

rapids broken topIMG_6021raw

lower shelf-SwittersB

River lower shelf 2-SwittersB

River lower shelf 4-SwittersB

The Chartreuse Comet was a consistent producer. Of the seven fish I hooked into, six nailed the Green Comet and one to a Pink Comet.

green comet-SwittersB-salmon-comet-photography-fly pattern


Dream catcher…..

dream catcher-web-tree trunk-Oregon-moss-photography-SwittersB


Violet…A new kitten

A rescue/adoption from a Seattle shelter.

violet-kitten-pet-cat-Tabby-photography-SwittersB-TC Muncy


Forest Floor………

Walking, shuffling, stumbling, slipping, sliding along the wet forest floor and over round topped rocks in the rain. Trying not to trip over criss crossing roots hidden beneath maple and alder leaves that steadily tumble and spin down from above. My gaze moves from avoiding trip hazards to closely looking what lives between those roots and leaves. I slow down, kneel and peer amongst the leaves. The slowing down to look was the important part.

forest floor-mushrooms-moss-woody debris-photography-SwittersB

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