“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”   Nietzsche

Ah, the existentialist and chaos seekers rent the fabric of absolutes to free themselves of restraints, of the confines of judgement, to absolve themselves for freedom, no the need, to explore the dark side, the far side, the unknown. And, when we all do it, the guiding stars become ever more illusory. Ultimately we witness the chaos that we are now conditioned to not judge. Improper to judge because by what tablet would you judge it?

Chaos and seeming freedom versus order, restrictions, and yes judgement. Seems to be a lot of judgement still going on even by those that decree there are no absolutes? Somewhere all this searching for answers, self awareness, clarity, harmony will not be found in the chaos of relativism. We must stop excusing, justifying, condoning chaos when we see it.

Promoters of chaos maybe seek absolutes far more confining than those we ran from in our youth. Seek the stars, deny the chaos of agitators and the elixir of statism. Simply said, kindly meant. Ah, there I go again.