to all of you and wishing you peace in your life and those you love. This holiday season, I have been filled with a great sense of thankfulness. It was kindled during our family’s Thanksgiving Day tradition..a tradition that one can muddle through or take to heart…where we stand in a large circle and hold the hand of the persons standing beside you, forming a large circle. My brother-in-law Steve sets the tone with a loving prayer and then the several dozen family members individually say what they are thankful for. The answers have come forth from the silly, to the thoughtful over the years. As the years have passed and the family has grown older and passings have taken place the responses have become more thoughtful, more real. 

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Taking stock of the situation

Do your own little individual thankful session, but go beyond the quick hit, the formality of it, the easy response. What are you really thankful for? Share it if courage and comfort allow with those you love soon, for time passes and loved ones pass all too quickly with unspoken loves, apologies, forgiveness and thanks. Maybe coming out of this holiday season and into a new year is a good time to take someone’s hand or put your arm around their shoulder on just touch their forearm and tell them what you feel. Let the tears well up, feel awkward. It’s alright. Much better than the unspoken, the unsettled. 

At any rate, just had that little sentimental force working its way through my mind of late. Again, a very Happy New Year to all of you and sincerest best wishes.

Happy NY 2015