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early Spring colors……..

I was reminded today, by Derrick Knight, that often our own backyard has interesting subject matter for the camera. I had put the yard/beds to rest (sort of) last Fall. As I walked about the backyard today, I noticed the rapidly emerging pesky weeds, a few rose buds battered by downpours, overall cleanup that should be done now, and a burst of colors that will soon be gone. These early Spring colors, on an otherwise gloomy, grey day lifted the spirits for sure.

early Spring colors-backyard-SwittersB-Portland-photo



A tree leaning out over the river. Colors, angles, light and the sense of a river’s movement. For the most part, we all can look at the image and perhaps say, to ourselves, that it is pleasing in some way. To the fisher, a more analytical mindset ensues that rapidly dissects the image.

leaning tree-river-nature-rapids-SwittersB

The fisher, be it gear or fly, sees color for clarity, structure and currents, seams and holding water for trout, steelhead or salmon…each slightly different depending upon the flow and structures.

Pockets, slots, buckets, pools, tailouts, lies and routes are coupled with probabilities and chance. Raise the river or lower the river and the calculations are altered. What to use to entice a take, the presentation of fly, lure or bait all are measured against these observations that are made in mere moments.

Like a designer, builder, surgeon or mechanic the vision and understanding of the parts make the whole.

Of course, we could just say “That’s a beautiful picture”.


the sentinel against the storm….

the sentinel stands

silently we go along

insanity looms

dealing with the devil

ignorance or arrogance

either way chaos


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