I am not sure if the lizard was cooperative, inquisitive or thinking about leaping in my face. I had spotted the lizard, about a foot long, scurrying up a rock face along a trail. I took some distance shots, about ten feet away, but I wanted to try for a close up with a new, little Olympus Tough camera (TG-860..purchased as a waterproof, submersible, backup camera). It just happens to take nice macro shots.

Being increasingly challenged in climbing and coordination, I found myself seven or eight feet up a rock wall trying to get near the lizard. The lizard scurried ever higher, as did I. Eventually, I realized I was not going to get that closeup and I was much too high up for this vertically challenged ‘senior’ (did I just really type that?!). I turned to look down and knew the descent, short for a 10 year old/problematic for a someone older, was going to be a sliding, gritty, abrasive affair.


Just as I turned to consider my route back down from the evasive lizard…the lizard slowing inched down to within inches of my hands. Hmm? Really? I balanced, teetering and positioned the camera within a few inches of the lizard’s head! I took one shot and away scurried the lizard. My descent, although bumpy, was less stressful.