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The Joshua Tree National Park is a surreal wonderland of desert scape. For me, first and foremost are the rock formations that dominate the north end of the park. On and on they go for photographers, rock climbers, campers, hikers and the drive by enthusiasts. One thing I do enjoy is parking the car and heading into the desert, off the roadway, to find the colors of cactus and wild flowers. The grays, tans, greens, and browns are the dominant color scheme, but amongst those colors are splashes of brightness that are tucked away amongst the boulders, brush and sands of the park. This year, we found hundreds of cactus about to bloom or having just bloomed. Pinks, reds, corrals, oranges glowed amidst the desert scape. We took so many shots of cactus that it is truly hard not to inundate the viewer with dozens of images. No doubt over time, I will….

joshua trees-rock formation-desert-SwittersB

~ desert landscape-Joshua Trees-Lizard Rock-SwittersB

~ beavertail cactus-bloom-Joshua Tree-desert~ Desert Scape-Joshua Tree-Park Road-SwittersB

~ mojave mound cactus-Barker Dam-blooms-SwittersB ~ OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA