Frantic Manic Panic: Pre-travel Reflection.

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For the past few months I have been feeling like a woman possessed. I have had so much creative writing energy I literally have to run like mad on the spot, break into spontaneous dramatic contemporary dance or swim really fast laps at the pool to get rid of some of my manic energy. I feel like road runner, with blurry spinning legs, my fast pacing brain is working overtime, thinking, processing and skittishly skipping from one thing to the next at a ridiculous fast rate; I am officially in a frantic manic panic.

Most creatives will relate to this emotion and state of manic panic. That’s a thing now, officially. I feel impatient, frantic, restless, hyperactive, crazy, manic, like I want to do 50 million things all at once. I am hardly sleeping, not interested in food, not dreaming as vividly at night like I normally do, because I…

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