Rainier Tower-Seattle-SwittersB

On a recent trip up to Seattle, Washington, I came upon the Rainier Tower (1977) with its unique base. A little research revealed the unique structure was designed by Minoru Yamasaki, a Seattle native and the principle designer of the World Trade Center (1970). Further, I learned the Rainier Tower and the surrounding structures are scheduled for demolition and a planned for new high rise will replace the Rainier Tower with its unique base.

Good News Clarification via Valerie Bunn: “I think you have misread the news article. Note that a new tower is planned to be built alongside of the present tower, not replacing it. If you look at the block from the 5th Avenue side you will see a low-rise building called Rainier Square, and that is the one scheduled to be demolished.”

Rainier Tower, base, Seattle, SwittersB