Oh, yesterday was a magical day in our backyard garden. We celebrated a family member’s wedding and all went blissfully well. On the morning of the blessed event, a neighbor kindly brought many cut flowers from their magnificent garden and set them on the kitchen counter.

cut flowers-lily-SwittersB

Soon, Penny the Cat escaped her confines and made her way to the kitchen counter. Our collective backs turned and busy with preparations, we didn’t notice Penny was perhaps trying to satisfy some deficiency in chlorophyll. Penny the Cat was hidden amongst the containers of cut flowers chewing away.

Penny scouting out the flowers on the counter



Penny, flowers, SwittersB, cat
Yes, a less than cute and cuddly pet shot of Penny the Cat savaging the greenery of the cut flowers.

Penny the Cat was removed from beneath the cut flowers, with much cat folderol, and dispatched to a remote corner of the house until the flowers could be placed in their eye catching settings. In the end, the flowers survived and Penny fussed about until the festivities wound down (too many people = agitated cats).

Lily, cut flowers, macro, SwittersB

Penny, cat, pet, SwittersB
Penny the Cat annoyed by the hoopla of intruders