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Here is a quite simple larva/pupa pattern I use for suspended chrionomid/midge fly fishing on lakes or just presented along the bottom on a stream. The pattern has been productive for Kamloops, Rainbows & Cutts. The pattern has an under layer of brighter thread wraps along the middle portion of the shank, which provides the darker bump beneath the over layer of latex wraps. These were wrapped front (eye) back toward the bend of the hook and tied off, but you can tie it the traditional way (rear of hook toward the eye of the hook).

larva-pupa-fly pattern-SwittersB


‘suspended’: beneath a strike indicator, which presents the fly just above the bottom or just above the vegetation…or on a tippet ‘greased’ with floatant to within 6 to 12″ of the fly (both presentations for lakes). 

Just a reminder, if you didn’t know, SwittersB used to be SwittersB & Fly Fishing. There is about 6 years of how to’s, fly patterns and techniques. If you have a fledgling interest in fly fishing and fly tying peruse the archives.