A few years ago, I wrote about Moles & Malignant Melanoma in response to the abuse of my skin from too much sun and tanning beds in the old days. I have consistently cut back on intense sun exposure. I rarely lay in the sun and take the expected precautions with sunscreen, clothing and head gear. Yet, recently I had unusual skin activity on my forehead, nose and neck. The spot on the neck was most troublesome in appearance and irritation. Today, I visited the dermatologist and in short order, after a full body once over, the can of liquid nitrogen was produced and without much fanfare he commenced to freeze (‘burn’!) two spots on my forehead (previously frozen), two spots on my nose and one on my clavicle (this one was/is troublesome). My face and adjacent area suitably on fire, the doctor proceeded to warn me, yet again, to take better care of my self. 

‘beware the Ides of March.’ Shakespeare, 1599 (Julius Caesar)

Vanity, foolishness, just plain carelessness are my standards of skin care. The doctor joked, as he froze the spots, that he hoped I didn’t have any photo shoots/family portraits coming up in the next few weeks (the spots take 2-4 weeks to heal). The pre-cancerous cells are usually/eventually replaced with newer, healthier cells. I must, you must, do better in the great outdoors!

The doctor remarked that my problems were not just from some recent activities, but rather from a lifetime of recreating in the sun. Forewarned is forearmed as they say.