Not sure which is worse: that it is there, or that we were there to take a look at Seattle’s Gum Wall in Post Alley beneath Pike Place Market. On a typically busy Sunday, we were not alone in that bustling section of town. Seattle folks are probably as tired of reading about the Gum Wall as I am about Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts. Mediocrity rules at times…yet there we were. Fortunately, it was not the Gum Floor too.

The alley way walls are covered in many colors of chewing gum some eight feet high and fifty feet or so long and quite crusty (gooey/thick) in spots. And, of course, several family members chewed away on gum and then contributed to the germ depository called The Gum Wall.

gum wall alley, SwittersB


gum wall, Seattle, SwittersB


The Gum Wall was apparently inspiring to an artist at Gum Wall as she convinced her bikini clad friend to be painted dabs of chew gum colors. Standing next to the Gum Wall the good natured friend/model blended into the gum mosaic…kind of.

gum wall, painted girl, Seattle, SwittersB


gum wall, painted model, Seattle, SwittersB