I saw this grave marker for Abraham L. Shadley, 1862 to 1945. I put the Civil War on the front end of Abe’s life and WWII on the end. It made me wonder what other significant events had transpired from the beginning to end of Abe’s life. A few notable events in Abe’s life…

abraham l. shadley-grave marker-Pine Grove-Oregon SwittersB

Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation (1862)…. The American Civil War 1862… Abraham Lincoln assassinated 1865… Alaska purchased from Russia 1867…First Transcontinental Railroad 1869…Edison’s first light bulb 1879…National Geographic Society founded 1888…Wounded Knee Massacre 1890…General Electric founded 1892…Gold discovered in the Yukon 1896…Galveston hurricane claims 8000 in 1900…Wright brothers fly 1903…Panama Canal claimed by U.S. 1900…San Francisco earthquake 1906…WWI 1914-1918…Flu epidemic 20 million perish 1920…Lindbergh makes first transatlantic flight 1927…Great Depression commences 1929…Star Bangled Banner national anthem 1931…WWII 1941 to 1945

Of course, there was so much more worldwide that took place during Abraham Shadley’s lifetime. But regarding Abraham L. Shadley, who was born in Iowa in 1862. By 1880 the Shadley family had moved to Shasta, California and by 1890 Abe had married Belle Arthur. Abraham’s middle name was ‘Lincoln’. By 1910, the Shadley’s have moved to Yakima, Washington and by 1920, the Shadley’s have moved to Wamic, Oregon and are soon divorced & Belle left with the two daughters. Rural agriculture was the dominant theme. Abe never remarried and died alone it appears in Hood River, Oregon and is buried in Pine Grove, Oregon. I wonder how much of the above listed events made it on Abe’s radar. Today, I wonder if we don’t have much too much on our radar.