im-fine-suicideLife gets busy. We are often self-absorbed in real life, dramas, passions and pursuits. Sometimes, around us are loved ones, friends, acquaintances that are in a desperate emotional situation and are contemplating ending their lives. A few close friends get a glimpse, a few shared thoughts that give light to the ongoing struggle of our friend or loved one. We offer them encouragement to stay positive and motivated by life. As friends we lend heartfelt support and mean to stay in touch, to continue bolstering our friend’s resolve…but life interrupts and without warning death interrupts as you receive word that a your dear friend has taken their life…having seen no way out, no path toward peace in living.

The self recriminations will linger for those of us that didn’t make the efforts or we did but we then became distracted by our own journey, even our own struggles. In those moments, our dear friend, our loved one became further isolated and swamped by thoughts, chemistry and a sense of profound isolation in life….so they left us alone to ponder such a decision that leaves loved ones behind…forever scarred. Seek help…give help….please.