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Madness & Love

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

purple flowers-jar-wedding-chair-photo-SwittersB


Follow the light…

seeking deliverance

swirls of darkness and babble

love and truth in light




thugs-rioters-TP-toilet paper-SHTF-SwittersB

A theme is evident with the above collage. Interesting how often this is seen. Cleanliness of the tush seems important as fires burn. Hygiene considerations



Darkness approaches….

Difficult to contemplate…the temptation, the impulse is to turn away and draw upon one’s need for love, harmony. The daffodils push up and offer hope. But, almost like a false Spring, the evil on the horizon cannot be ignored much longer. We are so tired of conflict. We quickly offer excuses for evil. Quick to blame ourselves as a whole than come to terms with profound darkness looming on the horizon. It comes and all one’s reflexive ‘blame us first’ will be swept aside in the realization that only a very dark response will crush like darkness taking our minds and hearts into long forbidden realms of reality. 


Beheadings, incineration in a cage, children waiting to be burned alive…hard to write feel good encouragements, while we go to great lengths to ignore and lack the moral clarity to denounce true evil in our midst. We turn upon ourselves in almost orchestrated distractions of name calling and indignation over self absorbed life styles.
ISIS collage

I don’t expect many ‘likes’ or supportive comments for a post like this. Most will turn away, staying immersed in their positive karma bubble. Some will stop following. Some may even chastise with the reflexive admonitions.

I am disgusted by what I see. Islam’s evil spawn abroad and in our midst must be called out and denounced. Weak kneed sympathizers & apologists will rue the days they listened to the manipulative Muslim Brotherhood & CAIR. Allow yourself to be more than sad or aghast when the children are torched in the cage. Get fucking mad!

I want to just study the daffodils, the new growth on the roses and smell the daphne. Their beauty seems less able to offer escape today. My warrior instincts stir when all I want to do is see the roses bloom or watch the geese fly over head returning to the nearby fields.


Voodoo & Observation

Seekers always looking for a magic potion, a bullet. Betting the farm on a color, a size, a shape of fly. Carrying an arsenal of what if’s & maybe’s. Sometimes their face bears the glassy eyed true believer’s look as they finally meet the divine. Almost sacred, yes actually sacred, a mystique is built upon the entire pursuit of the sea run trout…the steelhead. Pick a color…your color? Or the fish’s color? Gear tuned, fortunes spent, easily rationalized…what price Nirvana? Not the warm, up canyon winds of Summer now, but rather the hammer smashing frozen fingertips of Winter. Rods, lines, loads, casts and in the end the most important: presentation and voodoo magic. 

collage-Steelhead flies-steelhead-fly fishing-photography-SwittersB


WTF! Giraffe ‘Hunting’ for Sport

Some things are so iconically sacred in nature that their demise should/must generate a response to abuses. So, when I came upon a piece about the decline in the giraffe population I was interested to followup. Imagine my disgust when I discovered companies actually provide a safari experience to hunt/kill giraffes. I am not anti-hunting, but this is beyond the pale. Shame meter pegged! The giraffe populations are allegedly in serious decline….could these morons be part of the problem…of course they are! All rationalizations aside, this is obscene.

Giraffe Hunting


Smash Mouth Truth

I try to stay away from the political commentary. We as a group of bloggers tend to be quite supportive, positive, dancing around the edges of harsh realities. But you know what…this type of courage to speak the truth and take the heat is refreshing right now given the plethora of manipulative, lying bastards holding positions of trust right now. If you don’t fathom what the Chief is talking about or mentally throw back a ‘yeah but’ you are clueless and/or dishonest with yourself. 

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