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Massive Mississippi Hex Hatch……..

A bit dated from a month ago, but I always find the stories of nature on crack fascinating. Just over a month ago, radar in Wisconsin picked up a disturbance. This turned out to be a ‘massive’ (billions of insects) Hex hatch (Hexagenia Bilineata), which rose on the Mississippi River and moved across Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Hex Mayfly are much revered by fly fishers because they are big insects and trout love them at last light. 

super hex hatch

Mike Hamernik


Entomolgy/Bugs/Insects Question (Oregon)

Please help identify the decedent. My son seems to be having a bug week. Today at work, he came upon this insect. He held it to the sky and noticed a almost transparent space between the thorax and abdomen of the insect. It did not appear to posses a stinger. We’d be interested in identifying the make and model of this bug.

Tony Muncy-Insect-Macro-Photography-SwittersB


Mantis Sunbathing……….

My son, Tony, was the beneficiary of an epic moment. He noticed this Mantis in the early morning sun, sitting on a deck chair, taking in the rays. Tony moved in just close enough to capture this captivating critter. I like it!

mantis-tony muncy-pool chair-shadows-insect-photography-SwittersB

Mantis-Tony Muncy-Nature-Macro-Photography-SwittersB


Nature & the Dragon Fly: Amazing

The ever inspiring Marc Fauvet at Limp Cobra presented this Vimeo vid by Andy Holt. I was so inspired by it for a multitude of reasons: photography, videography, nature, fly fishing presentation, fly tying, habitat, entomology. If you are into insects, macro photography, fly fishing, the outdoors then you need to watch it! Even you photo buffs who focus on urban lines and rock scapes will enjoy this effort by Andy Holt. Please give it a watch and enjoy.

photography-dragon nymph-Andy Holt-fly fishing-SwittersBI took this screen shot during the Andy Holt Vimeo and the detail is remarkable. For the fly tier, the clarity for tying is exciting. The eye structure, the abdomen shape and ribbing lead to the possibilities of materials and flash/segmentation. The legs, darker backstrap are equally important. I have always been enamored with Dragonfly Nymphs as a fly pattern option in stillwaters. 

Photography-Dragon Fly-Emerger-Andy Holt-SwittersB-Vimeo


Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing by Michael Gorman

I have read work by Michael Gorman before related to stillwater (lakes) entomology. I was impressed not only with the clinical thoroughness of the effort but by the practicality of it as well. This new book by Michael Gorman promises to be equally beneficial to my learning and I look forward to getting it soon. Mike is an Oregon based angler and is well versed in all aspects of fly fishing.

MGorman StillwaterOn the back cover of the book is a comment, which I particularly appreciate: “Gorman approaches stillwater fly fishing as a puzzle and views challenging days as a chance to put together the pieces and enjoy the most cerebral, rewarding parts of the sport.”

That, for me, is the essence of the sport and keeps it in the proper perspective…as an ongoing learning experience. I think this would be an excellent addition to your library as well as mine.

Stackpole Books


Good, basic, seasonal hatch information by Rick Hafele

SwittersB Rainbow Trout Release Photography

This is good, basic information for the beginner or for a review by the more experienced fly fisher (primarily U.S. focused). Explore Rick Hafele’s site re hatches and much more.


Photography: Lake Bottom Habitat

Lake Bottom SwittersBNothing ‘beautiful’ here. A jumbled lake bottom with silt, algae, woody debris, rocks and perfect habitat for insects and fish alike.

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