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a Turkish fisheries biologist, Atilla Ertürk with his marketing efforts…should he ask. That Oregon trout looks darn good in a Turkish Fisheries ad! 👍

Atilla Erturk My Photo Trout SwittersB


Trout Released Caddis SwittersB Original

But then there is the Gauteng, South Africa trout/carp fishery (Trouthunters)…a private fishery I believe, that saw the merit of using our Oregon Trout in their ad campaign. 👍 One would think that Trouthunters had enough beautiful trout in their ponds to capture a stellar image of their own?

Trouthunters My Fish Pic SwittersB


Salmon passing by…



aeration of water….

aeration spillway, bonnevile fish hatchery, SwittersB

This lovely spillway aerates the spilling water from one pond to another providing oxygen to the cruising fish in the holding ponds.

trout, holding pond, Bonneville Dam Hatchery, SwittersB
Below, another spillway adds additional aeration to an adjacent holding pond for the large brood, rainbow trout.

spillway, aeration, pond, hatchery, Bonneville, SwittersB


Moving upriver…

Here is a Chinook Salmon moving up the fish ladder at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. A subterranean viewing room allows visitors to watch all manner of fish swimming against a strong current, moving up the fish ladder. This has allowed the fish to bypass the deadly turbines of the dam’s hydroelectric process. Here, my Grandson Maddox took in the Salmon & Steelhead moving by the viewing windows.

bonneville dam, fish, Maddox, SwittersB

salmon, Bonneville Dam fish ladder, Maddox, SwittersB


old trout pond…

trout pond-wall-Bonneville-SwittersB-fish



A tree leaning out over the river. Colors, angles, light and the sense of a river’s movement. For the most part, we all can look at the image and perhaps say, to ourselves, that it is pleasing in some way. To the fisher, a more analytical mindset ensues that rapidly dissects the image.

leaning tree-river-nature-rapids-SwittersB

The fisher, be it gear or fly, sees color for clarity, structure and currents, seams and holding water for trout, steelhead or salmon…each slightly different depending upon the flow and structures.

Pockets, slots, buckets, pools, tailouts, lies and routes are coupled with probabilities and chance. Raise the river or lower the river and the calculations are altered. What to use to entice a take, the presentation of fly, lure or bait all are measured against these observations that are made in mere moments.

Like a designer, builder, surgeon or mechanic the vision and understanding of the parts make the whole.

Of course, we could just say “That’s a beautiful picture”.


Stairway (Salmon Passage)

rapids-Oregon-stair steps-river-salmon-Oregon-SwittersB-photograhy

A small tributary on an Oregon coastal river. Last October, I watched hundreds of Coho (Silver) and Chinook (King) staged off the mouth of this small stream. Throughout the day, the fish pushed up through the rapids, their backs protruding out of the water. These fish had traveled, as young fish, up to 900 miles out in the ocean toward Alaska or closer to British Columbia. They return to their native headwaters (or the unnatural fish hatchery) spawn and then soon die right there. The cycle continues each year as fish return after 2-6 years in the ocean. A magical cycle to witness. Next year, I have vowed to spend less time catching or even watching and position myself next to the mouth of that stream and attempt to photograph the salmon as they push upward through the rapids. The water is splashed far and wide so I will eventually need to clean that lens. 

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