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WFN Tat & Passion Ad

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I have a soft spot for tat work and fishing. I would like to think, some would disagree, that I helped highlight this growing trend back in 2008 with my own limited work. Of course, some will disapprove and that is fine. I see Mariko Izumi has added some ink along the way. My only concern is as I get older my trout does not develop wrinkles!


Tattoo Work: Brook Trout on Phillip Synhorst

Phillip Synhorst carries this beautiful Brook Trout tattoo. Char Hall of Side Show Studios Custom Tattoo in Sacramento, California did the work. I have seen a touch of her other work and must say she does beautiful color work. (SwittersB) Thanks Kara/PP


Fly Fishing Tattoo: BumTatter?

Fly Tattoo @ CoolDany



Feather Tattoo’s (Peacock In the Right Spots)

Peacock by amollambe

"Tramp Stamp"?

Tramp Stamp tattoos. Hmm, well I like them. Showed the peacock tattoos because I seem to get many enquiries each day for peacock tattoos, given my past feather tattoos and fly fishing-trout tattoos.

The tat on the upper back has very nice detail…quite realistic by the photo.

The peacock feather most often adorns a female’s back, calf or, as above, quite nicely on a foot. I like peacock for fly tying and I approve of these tattoos too..location and design.


Fishing Tattoo: SwittersB’s…Balance Restored By Guiding Hands

SwittersB's New Tattoo

Well, the imbalance is corrected. I resisted the gradual insertion into my psyche that one tattoo on a particular side creates a sense of imbalance. I did not rush to do just anything. My original intent was to wait until something really made sense. Nothing did. I flirted with a female form, curvaceous, but also nymphal in form (no, actually like a nymph)…something I had seen on the back of a fly fishing book years ago. But, that evaporated in time. Gradually, a simpler concept and commitment emerged in my mind, my imagination and finally my heart.

First, I envisioned a our family motto of Semper Paratus (yes, the Coast Guard’s as well) for the Always Prepared~Ready. That is how I was raised and evolved through a long public service career….seems natural, relaxed and right. Always Prepared. Also, a spiritual progression of the Triquetra. My original Father, Son, Holy Ghost…but to me a force of right, of power, of spiritual balance. I saw the Triquetra as ancient, forever, carved in stone, worn but not broken.

This force, to me, reaches beyond the individual and down toward its’ Ops Manager, Mother Nature. A force to guide, maintain, protect the species…and as you can see, the trout (pick your fish). To hold it erect, to over see it. The hands reversed to suggest, not cradling the fish or lifting out to display, but rather to show the placing of the fish into its’ rightful place in this world, my mind, my passion. I know, a whole lot of interpretation going on; I am not that imaginative….but, it resonated, it lasted. It was stenciled on and the ink was applied.

Simple, self satisfying and the balance thing resolved. Family, spiritual, the stewardship of nature and mi amor. (Tat Work Courtesy of Joe Bass, 1928 Tattoo, Portland, Oregon)


Tattoo’s To Honor Others….To Honor Your Passions

Tattoo's To Pay Homage to the Departed

A Nice Piece at Drawing Flies 365

Yes, there are many motives to ink, adorn, desecrate, enhance your body. I can only speak for myself and my mix of images, emotions, inclinations. It registers with me to take that huge step toward a tattoo…a visible tattoo. For me it was an in your face display, that flew 100% into the face of all those that knew me…or thought they knew me…to include me.  No regrets. In fact, I am about to leap again into the realm of ink. My ideas are to honor the resources, the quest, the continuum of life and spirit. But, I have noted those that honor the departed via a tattoo. The above tattoo is simple and perfect to honor a loved one. I like it. He’s smiling.


Trout Tattoo Pays Respect To Grandfather & Mentor

Ashley Hupke was recently visiting SwittersB’s site and checking out the trout tattoos. She remarked on her own tat and I asked her to share her tattoo and how it came about. I hope some of us can be a worthy enough example to the children in our lives to warrant such respect as Ashley has for her grandfather.

Ashley Hupke (Pays Homage to Grandfather)

Ashley Hupke (Pays Homage to Grandfather)

My Grandfather was born in Mapleton, IA July 11th 1937 and died in Boulder, CO May 13th 2009. He was the father I never had growing up. When I was about 3 years old he started taking me to the lake close to his home and taught me how to fish. During our fishing trips we have taken throughout his lifetime and mine we have mostly fished for trout. I decided that a rainbow trout was a perfect match to remember my grandfather not only because we fished for them but because the bright original colors bring back happy memories. (my tattoo has strips of color if you look closely you can see forest green, orange, red, and pink) The last fishing trip I made with my grandfather before he passed away was a family trip to Maloney Lake in Nebraska. He was my inspiration and I am thankful for every moment spent with him. Even if the time I had was short I will cherish his memory for a lifetime.” (Ashley Hupke, September, 2009)

Ashley Trout

Ashley Hupke's Trout Tattoo


Bird’s of a Feather Tattoo (Update)

photography-tattoo-Birds of a Feather-Sheishere-SwittersB

Birds of a Feather by Sheishere at DeviantArt

“Artist’s Comments

My newest tattoo.Thanks for all the favorites and comments!Side note: I did not draw this. I found it randomly online. Someone commented on the fact that it was from, so credit goes to them for the idea!”    (Sheishere comment)

Ashley’s Memorial Tattoo




Shorty wrote to explain his decision to display the Feather tattoo on his body (left bicep): Shorty has “diabetes type 1 .. and under the feather it writes “life is a waving feather” .. 21 bird are the 21 years that pased in my life .. and this tat should mean I’ve decided to grow and be a better man :D”

Shorty’s Feather tatoo

“life is a waving feather”

Yes another version of this cool tattoo:

birds of feather

Ninja James Tattoo (Birds of a Feather)

Shooting Head’s Feather Tattoo Compilation


Justin Carroll (looking, really looking; then learning)

Justin Carroll, Founder Winona Fly Factory

“I decided a while ago that this is what fishing is to me. It is hunting. To catch a trout one must be smart, quiet, prepared and have a willingness to travel into the wild.”

Yes, I know there are, no doubt, many fly fishers out there chasing many species of fish around the world that exhibit the pioneer spirit. But, out of the gazillion sites I study and learn from, I can think of few that show the unadulterated, genuine passion of Justin Carroll

We mostly are borrowers, takers of information and then trying it out, and if generous, sharing it back for others to learn from. We all do this. But, we don’t all go out and explore the stream side, to observe, specifically identify, catalogue, document, and oh yes, fish. You know Haefle and  Hughes did/do it. Trout Nut obviously does it.

minn1But, with no slight intended toward Justin, his amateur status makes him all the more interesting. You actually sense his amazement and excitement as he looks for big fish, small fish and insects. I go to a stream and look for fish rising. I look for insects and can make a general mayfly or caddis designation, but that is pretty much it (I am much better with the simpler lake’s environment). But, I do not really look, question and later understand like Justin is doing. Does that make sense? Study his blog from its inception, then watch the development of style, images, knowledge…all on his home waters…I suspect not even on fabled waters…and see how much he has learned. Keep track of this blog. You will see it saved at some very worthy sites/blogs. There is a reason for that..Justin Carroll of Winona, Minnesota.     


Peacock Herl (One of those ‘must have’ materials)



peacock-tatI have highlighted peacock before, as well as Whiskey Creek Fly Fishing . So, as I tie the necessary Pheasant Tail Nymph (PTN), I am reminded again to remind you…PEACOCK is a necessary staple material for nymph patterns. The original PTN, I believe, had a copper wire thorax…not peacock. Today’s pattern has the peacock thorax. PTN’s, Zug Bugs, Renegades, Diawl Bach, Prince Nymph, Gray Hackle Peacock, Halfbacks, or whatever your imagination creates, can benefit from the hues of peacock.  Oh, and John at Whiskey Crk. reminded me…that isn’t my tat….


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