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‘A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat.’ East coast proverb

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A Cinco de Mayo Gathering

A new hispanic mercado/food carts venue in SE Portland along Foster Rd. drew a nice gathering on a chilly, threatening evening. Live music highlighted Mexican, Central American and South American sounds. And, several young children were decked out in traditional garb and danced to an appreciative audience. A simple, pleasant evening at the new Portland Mercado.

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It was a blessed Christmas, quite Merry and in perfect balance this year. In years past, there was a harried sense, a regret over priorities askew, too much focus and finding/buying and less on the spiritual, familial and giving thanks. This year the pace was busy, there was my usual pre-holiday cold, the last minute this and that…but, this year everyone (12 of us) was in a good place. There was the right balance of presents, visiting, great foods and lots of hugs and ‘I love you’s. We all paid silent homage to those that have passed and were instrumental in establishing this celebration in our young minds.

Of course, this morning everyone is zonked out and there are many dishes, glasses, cups to clean up. But, the warm glow of thankfulness rules. Right now, I have a five year old grandson, who spent the night next to me, itching to go kick a new soccer ball somewhere and not hear ‘hey, not in the house!!’

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Recipes (In your head?)

In the rush last night to prepare a dish, a traditional holiday treat, my wife could not recall the proportions of the ingredients. This is a dish she makes maybe three times a year. She has never written down the recipe…it all was in her head. After several calls to friends, with whom she had previously shared the recipe, she lucked out and got the details.

Old family recipe card

My dear, departed Mom made, without question, the best Potato Salad I have ever tasted. Nothing has ever been close. Problem is my Mom never wrote down the recipe and for whatever reasons never shared it with the women in her life. I never thought to ask. She passed on and the recipe didn’t. Lost. Yes, attempts have been made to mix and match ingredients to replicate the dish but really no success. 


So, you already know where this is going. Write down the recipe. Share those recipes. You can enjoy someone else attempting to match your special dish or, shudder to think, improve upon it. Some of you have very special dishes that were handed down to you. Share the knowledge and as I said write it down. Should your memory suddenly fail you, the simple card will save you.



Jambalaya….Perfect Cold Weather Nourishment


Food Network Recipe via Paula Deen

I followed this recipe and added spicy Italian sausage and spices to suit family sensitivities to heat…frigging good!


Portland’s Food Carts

Having been born and raised in Portland, Oregon (somewhat of a rarity to find these days), I have seen the evolution of Portland in several directions…some so-so, some good. One of the finer developments in the city has been the pronounced blossoming of food at many levels..sophisticated eateries abound and my focus here, food carts. Forgive me if I leave out the obligatory, orgasmic mention of VooDoo Donuts…seriously, get over it.

Last night, my better half and I explored SE Portland down along SE Division and came upon the Tidbit Food Cart block at SE 28th Pl. It was alive and bustling on a Sunday night. A city block, once vacant, has been cleared and a circling of the food cart wagons has resulted in a pleasant arrangement, typical of Portland Food Cart corrals. 

The offerings are typical (Thai, Mexican, Central American, Scandinavian, Pizza, Beer, Sweets) but the flavors are always unique and to be savored from cart to cart as each creative maestro grills away for waiting patrons. We have visited quite a few of these food cart venues and always find the people watching, energy/vibe, pace to be very pleasing. Often there is live music.

If you are ever in Portland for an extended stay, try out one of the 500 some food carts nestled on these city lots.

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This was a unique venue at a food cart spot...a double decker bus offering vintage clothing

This was a unique venue at a food cart spot…a double decker bus offering vintage clothing

Locations of Food Cart Stations around Portland

Locations of Food Cart Stations around Portland

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