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a boy throws rocks…

into the river and I am preoccupied with shooting the splashes….ūüėč My grandson had a great time, out of the heat of the day, creating big splashes so I could capture the moment. Yes, we might have had too much sun.


industrial canvas…

Street Art-Portland-17th-SwittersB

by Gary Hirsch @ BotJoy ¬†Check it out…



It was warm, almost hot. Blue and puffy clouds dominated the sky. Prior sunburns necessitated a long sleeve shirt. Everything was easy and in harmony….



Seattle’s Big Wheel…

Yesterday, while in Seattle, we did a few of the touristy must do’s: Space Center, Pike Place Market, seafood down on the wharf and the Big Wheel ride. A ferris wheel is about the extent of my ‘thrill ride’ capabilities…a step above a Merry-Go-Round…my inner ear barely tolerates turning around too fast let alone more exhilarating gyrations. So the Big Wheel was a safe, interesting ride. Not given to fear of heights (because we were safely ensconced in a 6 passenger capsule) the ride was enjoyable. The smoke filled skies, from numerous wildfires to the East, obscured distant views. But, it was still an enjoyable event.

big wheel, Seattle, SwittersB

Seattle Skyline, SwittersB, Big Wheel


top-Big Wheel-water-height-SwittersB

smoke, Seattle, wharf, SwittersB


cranes, docks, Seattle, smoke, SwittersB


Seattle Ferris Wheel….

George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., an American engineer, created the first Ferris Wheel (as we know it today) for the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition.

Ferris wheel, Seattle, SwittersB


Locks of Love in Seattle

love locks on a fence

symbolic of love for one

combination please

(apparently too much love)

love locks-fence-ferry term-marion st.-Seattle-SwittersB


T-Ball Attention Span

Today, we attended our grandson’s T-Ball game. I was struck by several things during the mercifully short game. The coaches/assistants were profoundly patient and deserving of much praise….the kids had attention spans that flitted about toward everything save the game…my Grandson was a pretty good little athlete when he wasn’t exploring the dirt or a distant game or the clouds in the sky. Again, praise to the parents, coaches and assistants for herding cats through a T-Ball game.

TBall Attention Span-SwittersB

My grandson, in the middle, was happy with several hits and runs scored. The young man at the pitcher’s mound (L) found a pile of dirt to play in and kept his back to the batters. He didn’t notice the balls rolling by. While the young fellow with the Teddy Bear (R) decided he’d had enough and marched off the field with his Teddy.



It was a blessed Christmas, quite Merry and in perfect balance this year. In years past, there was a harried sense, a regret over priorities askew, too much focus and finding/buying and less on the spiritual, familial and giving thanks. This year the pace was busy, there was my usual pre-holiday cold, the last minute this and that…but, this year everyone (12 of us) was in a good place. There was the right balance of presents, visiting, great foods and lots of hugs and ‘I love you’s. We all paid silent homage to those that have passed and were instrumental in establishing this celebration in our young minds.

Of course, this morning everyone is zonked out and there are many dishes, glasses, cups to clean up. But, the warm glow of thankfulness rules. Right now, I have a five year old grandson, who spent the night next to me, itching to go kick a new soccer ball somewhere and not hear ‘hey, not in the house!!’

moring after-Christmas-wrapping paper-SwittersB


Yellow Lab Burglar! Must watch

This is a bit difficult for me to watch as we are still saddened by the loss of our yellow Lab, Emma just six months ago. But, this is so Emma. Very fun video


Pointing the Way toward Excellence…..

little bear-smiling bear-wood carving-photography-East L.-Oregon-SwittersBI am sincerely pleased to acknowledge a nomination from Aquiliana at the enormously popular La Audacia de Aquiles for the Excellence Blog Award. Audacia de Aquiles is a most fascinating journey into Greek Mythology, history and the underpinnings to Western Civilization. Always fascinating to visit and learn. Thank you so very much Aquiliana!!! Gosh, I hope I got those vowels right.

As is consistent with the awards, I am to pass on this award to ten or so worthy creators and point the way to their site. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and each award provides me the gift to point toward those amazing minds. With this award, you are kindly spared knowing the minutiae about SwittersB, so let me immediately point the way to my selections for the Excellence in Blogging Award.

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