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mantis searching for a bush…

no vegetation
moving across a warehouse
comfort zone missing

mantis-morg-table top-Tony Muncy-SwittersB

mantis-insect-Tony Muncy-SwittersB


aeration of water….

aeration spillway, bonnevile fish hatchery, SwittersB

This lovely spillway aerates the spilling water from one pond to another providing oxygen to the cruising fish in the holding ponds.

trout, holding pond, Bonneville Dam Hatchery, SwittersB
Below, another spillway adds additional aeration to an adjacent holding pond for the large brood, rainbow trout.

spillway, aeration, pond, hatchery, Bonneville, SwittersB


off to the side…

Rivers and streams sometimes, if flows allow, have little back channels of flowing water. Often these seem to be miniature variations of the main stem…little vignettes of currents, rocks & vegetation. We are often in a hurry to get to the bigger water to fish, swim, explore and step right on by these small worlds.

East Fk Lewis R.-backwater-photo-SwittersB


Pinyon Trees with a view…

pinyon tree-barker dam-Joshua Tree-SwittersB

“The finest quality of this stone, these plants and animals, this desert landscape is the indifference manifest to our presence, our absence, our coming, our staying or our going. Whether we live or die is a matter of absolutely no concern whatsoever to the desert.”

pinyon tree-desert-joshua tree-SwittersB-photography


Swarming Bees

“Fame is a bee. / It has a song / It has a sting / Ah, too, it has a wing.” Emily Dickinson

Early this morning, I was in the backyard and noticed several bees landing here and there. I continued to work until a neighbor, talking across the fence, advised me that another neighbor’s bees were swarming from the hive and were in a tree across the street. I grabbed my camera and walked down the street a few doors and sure enough a large accumulation of bees were in a low hanging branch. Two men were suited up and attempting to entice the bees into a new hive. All very interesting.

bee swarm-hive-Portland-tree-SwittersB



hazy day (Siberian Fire’s Smoke)

It seemed most of the days we traveled about the Joshua Tree/Salton Sea areas, there was a haze in the air. The crisp blue skies were sometimes missing. I then learned that the smoke from massive fires in Siberia was reportedly being carried across the Pacific Ocean into the Western U.S. A bit sobering considering Fukushima Daiichi? 

desert-mojave-hazy-joshua trees-swittersb

Below is the smoke filtering into the East Lake (Oregon) caldera from a nearby forest fire in 2006. It is not unusual during the Summer forest fire season in Oregon to have smoke drift into areas from the fires to the South/East.

East Lake-Oregon-smoke-fires-SwittersB


palm fronds taking a dip…

canyon stream tumbles
from mountain top to desert floor
thirsty roots drink up

Andreas Creek-canyon-desert-palm fronds-SwittersB

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