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Fly Casting Champion (Maxine McCormick)

Women’s World Champion from Portland, Oregon. She practices at Westmoreland Pond in SE Portland and attends Cleveland HS….she’s 15 y/o! Maxine McCormick congratulations! The championships were held in England. She won two years ago in Estonia. The 2020 event will be held in Sweden.

maxine fly casting_1543900195934.jpg_64082453_ver1.0_640_360


take care…

me-salmon river-SwittersB-Oregon

As some of you know, SwittersB & Exploring use to be SwittersB & Fly Fishing. I switched names because my interests had expanded into a broader arena, photography wise. That said, in the past, I frequently reminded readers to stay fit for safety reasons. I am ever more convinced of the need for maintaining strength and flexibility, particularly in the lower extremities if one is out hopping about on uneven terrain (see those shoreline rocks behind me).

I have taken several bad falls the last few years along rivers and trails, which ultimately required a complex surgery on my ankle this Spring (further I have damaged the back, wrists and elbows). The rehabilitative process is ongoing and not like it was even ten years ago.

Please maintain your foot, leg, hip, core strength especially if you are out moving about on uneven surfaces. Once older, the restorative consequences are sobering. Stay stronger, be safe!!!



underpass-jeep trail-Oregon-woods-KMuncy-SwittersB



Congrats to USA Women’s Soccer: World Champs!!!

USA Womens


Let the ‘process’ work, for once!


Photography: The Focus Reversed………..

SwittersB Rugby 4-21-2007I was snapping away at a Rugby game for my son. Someone took a photo of me working the match. I am usually not photographed while photographing.


Hook Removal: Deeply Hooked Study

“Collectively, the findings from this study demonstrate that cutting the line is a more effective release method than removing the hook when fish are deeply hooked. As such, angler education efforts should focus on disseminating this message to anglers as well as encouraging the use of gear and techniques that minimize incidences of deep hooking (e.g., circle hooks, non-organic bait).” (X)

Attention must always be given to how the fish is handled once at hand. Keep the hooks barbless. Use efficient pliers. Do not pull on the hook. It either backs out of the hooking spot. Do not pull! Consider cutting the line if things are getting clumsy. Cut the line close to the mouth. Trout Caught/Released.


TdF: Tour de France

I mention this each season, I always enjoy the Tour de France (TdF). I don’t follow the bike racing scene other than this one race. 21 days of ‘stages’ I most enjoy the mountain stages in the Alps and like today in the Pyrenees. The chaos at the top, the narrow passages at 10-18% gradients and pucker up downhill portions are fascinating to watch, to imagine. They (the cyclist) don’t fit any profile (physically) I usually come to admire in sports. But their courage, endurance and even strength is obviously there. Kind of like misunderstanding the fitness of a jockey.

TdF Map 2012

This year Bradley Wiggins of the UK, has the chance to be the first Brit to win the TdF. Best wishes. Most enjoyable to me is the scenery gained from the helicopter traveling the race route. If you know team/individual bike racing (cycling), you already understand the strategies, names and terminology. Took me a bit, but now I understand it as if watching a baseball game. Today is a perfect stage (Limoux to Foix) to see the crazy fanatics (fans), color, scenery and celebration of the TdF.


Portland, Oregon (NO FISHING PUBLIC DOCKS…..BS!)

My oh my. The .00001% can occupy every damn public place they want to at a ridiculous cost to the Portland citizenry, but let one angler with a rod/reel/license work a line along the ‘public’ docks in downtown Portlandia and you will be tagged by the ever vigilant, obviously mismanaged Park’s Platoon. Sgt. Shultz where are you? Colonel Klink is obviously in charge of this one.


You are  thinking, I can hear it. Ah…yes, makes sense to avoid conflicts with boaters and ….well no…in fact in a recorded interview the head of the Park’s Platoon said he had never heard of any conflicts. Huh? Well, I am sure the just hoards of fishermen that are creating chaos, waste and confrontation are a menace to Portlandians. Such nonsense!!!

A Cited Fisherman….now excluded from a public space for 6 months.


Peeing in the Public Pool? Banning the Big Gulp

No, this isn’t another story about that goof ball N.Y. City Mayor Bloomberg playing Nanny to ban Big Gulps!

“The additional bacteria we carry on skin, in particular sweat and traces of fecal matter (yes even on adults), gets mixed in the pool. “If disinfectant isn’t right, bacteria is allowed to grow in pools, so someone accidentally consumes a mouthful of water like we all do when we’re swimming and suddenly they’re subject to serious bacteria like E.coli or salmonella.”

The high risk offenders, according to the Center for Disease Control, are those water recreational parks, a dangerous combination of packs of young swimmers and lots of accidental gulps.” (more on fecal matter and bacteria in your kid’s mouth) Hey, Mayor Bloomberg go after peeing in public pools!!

Now you look at that public pool differently, don’t you? No ‘accidental gulps’!

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