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Beginning Fly Tying & Fishing: Balanced Fly Patterns

On Stillwaters, the presentations can be vertical, diagonal or horizontal. The Intermediate Clear/Camo line is indispensable for that horizontal presentation. Tonight, I was watching a WFN show (B.C. Outdoors) and Phil Rowley was mentioning a horizontal presentation with a ‘balanced fly’ beneath the slip/strike bobber (floating line). I did a little checking and discovered the fly pattern promotes a horizontal path beneath the bobber, a non-slip loop knot and the hook point riding up.

The combo of the hook eye set back and on top. The bead head and materials should be presented to provide a balanced fly when drifted with a loop knot. Phil Rowley

 The experimentation will be to extend the bead out just far enough beyond the hook eye to achieve a balanced presentation beneath the loop knot/bobber. Query ‘slip strike bobber’ in the search box upper right and you will see several past posts regarding how to rig up the bobber/pin & the ‘non-slip loop knot’. I wonder if some jig heads would achieve this same balanced presentation? Still worth a little experimentation on lakes and wind drifting a pattern beneath a slip strike bobber.

Balanced Leech Pattern by Andy Larkin


Search & Rescue (SAR)…Time Considerations

Seems about this time of year with the change in the weather, I get into this ‘be prepared mode’. I probably go out into a wilderness setting more in the Spring and Summer, but the elements, light and the occasional lost hiker prompt me to at least share my concerns about being prepared and safe.

The just recent cases of an Oregon lady supposedly lost in the Mt. Hood Wilderness and the recovery/deceased of another woman in the nearby State of  Washington raised my awareness to an internal process in Search and Rescue (SAR) missions: The consulting with experts to evaluate your probable chances of survival given the factors: were you prepared (gear), do you have a history of knowing how to conduct yourself in the wilds, the weather, the terrain, your known health/fitness factors, etc.  

I want to share some very interesting stats and time line markers re the search and termination of the search should you become lost. The resources are very fascinating and should be read and shared.

OHSU Researchers Find Time Is Best Predictor Of Survival In Search And Rescue Missions (July 17, 2007)

Oregon Health & Science University emergency medicine researchers set out to develop a model that could be used by search and rescue teams to determine when a search and rescue (SAR) mission could be terminated without abandoning potential survivors. The model found time to be the most important variable in determining whether a person will be found alive. Ninety-nine percent of people found alive were found within the first 51 hours after being reported missing. Their findings are published in the most recent edition of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.

The model found a high rate of survival for people found within 17 hours of first being reported missing, a moderate rate of survival for those missing between 17 and 51 hours, and a low rate of survival for individuals missing for more then 51 hours. The analysis also found people reported missing in May through October were less likely to survive, as were people older than 60. Individuals reported missing on land were more likely to be found alive than those reported missing from a water-based activity.” (Read the entire report)

The SAR Missions are now, and probably have been, but now it is more openly presented, using these timeline markers and ‘experts’ to decide if the search will continue. If you are lost, you need to stay safe, composed and alert to SAR operations trying to find you. If you are family/friends of the lost person, the difficult decision re termination of SAR ops will be presented to you given the above timelines at some point. The probabilities of survival will be used to protect the searching resources. A fact of life, maybe a fact in death. Be prepared!!!


Cigars: Tim’s Great Cigars (Wood Village, Oregon)

I have highlighted TimO’Dell’s cigar shop, Tim’s Great Cigars in Wood Village, Oregon. I dropped by today to say howdy and check out the shop. I hadn’t been in for awhile and I was struck by his expanded inventory of cigars. He carries a little pipe tobacco and some inexpensive pipes, but he mostly has a fine selection of cigars.

Tim O'Dell's Shop in Wood Village, Oregon

Tim transplanted from Hawaii a few years back and is an avid fisherman, adept at swinging a fly on the Deschutes R. He likes to collect vintage electric guitars and fly fishing gear.

Take I-84 to Exit 16 (Wood Village exit), head South up the hill a short distance to NE Halsey Street and Tim’s Great Cigars is over on the SE corner. Look for that Cigar Indian.



Fly Fishing & the Loop Knot

Loop Knot attached to spoon, but perfect for many fly patterns as well. SwittersB

Tie that basic overhand knot first, then run the tag end through the eye of the hook and then finish off like a regular clinch/cinch, Trilene knot,

Just a refresher for the beginning fly fisher to remember this simple loop knot for many of your fly fishing presentations where freedom of movement is desired for the fly pattern. I have seen fly fishers use the loop knot on dry fly patterns, although I haven’t tried it myself. I invariably use this simple knot for all nymphs and streamer/buggers. FlyFishLouisiana


Food: Deep Fried Pickles?

Came across this interesting recipe at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. I have had a hankering of late for those gems that go so well with beer: deep fried this and that or those salty asparagus spears wrapped in bacon I profiled a ways back. So deep fried pickles might be oh so good in that ranch sauce.

Deep Fried Pickles at Sweet Pea's Kitchen


Hiking Trails & Not Prepared? Oregon Woman Overdue

As I listen to it pouring outside this morning, I can imagine the front bunched up against the Cascade Mountain Range and in particular the Mt. Hood area. Lost is a woman, Lidiya Dmitriyevna Russu, who parked near a trail head to do what, I don’t know (mushroom hunt, take a hike, contemplate a view, etc). The opinion is she was not prepared to spend the night. Another person’s outdoor plight is your reminder to be prepared for outdoor emergencies. You know the drill. I have posted often enough here re outdoor safety considerations. The reminder is don’t make that careless mental decision to forego the pack, the gear, the notifications that will keep you healthy and found. Best wishes Lidiya……. end of 10/10, still not found

Lidiya Dmitriyevna Russu overdue in the Mt. Hood area. Search and Rescuers are no doubt moving in right now at first light.

Update 10-12-2011

“In making the decision to suspend the search, the sheriff’s office consulted with Dr. Terri Schmidt, a medical doctor from Oregon Health & Science University who is an expert in emergency medicine and wilderness survival. They also reached out to other experts in the search-and-rescue community for advice.

“Mrs. Russu had very limited wilderness survival experience and was not properly dressed or equipped to stay in the wilderness,” Rhodes said. “Given the heavy rain, low temperatures and high winds, the likelihood that Mrs. Russu will be recovered alive is outweighed by the extreme risk posed to searchers in this rugged terrain and wintery weather.” HuffPo


Fly Fishing: Avoiding Cuff Creep…Stirrups

Well, the change in the weather sends a reminder of readying our cold weather gear for colder water temps. Long ago, I made the move to pile pants beneath my waders, after I smartly converted from neoprene to Gore-Tex. More recently, I was fortunate to acquire Stirrup’d pile pants (SPP). I suddenly felt a Déjà vu moment in fashion history…..

Perhaps it was the 1960’s or was it the 80’s? It does take some self confidence to wear this style, especially with Crocs 🙂

So, in the Winter when everything is bunched up and binding on cold days, it is nice to feel smooth and non-binding around the legs and ankles when walking/wading. If your wife or gal pal is over 50 (er…40?) y/o, she may have an old pair of polyester stirrup pants stashed away. Actually, I’d check the local fly shop for a more suitable pair with higher insulation.

No creeping cuffs. A fashion statement resurrected. Functional. Forget the big perm.

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