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aeration of water….

aeration spillway, bonnevile fish hatchery, SwittersB

This lovely spillway aerates the spilling water from one pond to another providing oxygen to the cruising fish in the holding ponds.

trout, holding pond, Bonneville Dam Hatchery, SwittersB
Below, another spillway adds additional aeration to an adjacent holding pond for the large brood, rainbow trout.

spillway, aeration, pond, hatchery, Bonneville, SwittersB


old trout pond…

trout pond-wall-Bonneville-SwittersB-fish


Letting go…

sleek, beautiful trout

memories of chance encounters

my mind longs to greet

Sleek Trout-Oregon-SwittersB-fly fishing

Rainbow trout caught/released


Spotted Beauty…

“A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it.”
Arnold Gingrich

Ah, but that’s why I share the images and beauty for the non-seekers…so they know. Arnold probably was not caught up in fiddling with a camera, but rather simply gazed down and took it all in, later writing about it.

Trout, Central Oregon, Tail, Net, SwittersB

Rainbow Trout caught~released in Oregon



“Our tradition is that of the first man that sneaked away to the creek when the tribe did not really need fish. ” Roderick Haig-Brown (Conservationist, fly fisher, author)

half in the bag-net-fly fishing-trout-SwittersB

Oregon Rainbow Trout, caught/released


Chasing tail…..

Chasin Tail ™ SwittersB

Drawing by my son, Tony, from 2010

Rainbow trout-released-trout-fish-Oregon-SwittersB-photography

SwittersB releasing a beautiful Rainbow Trout….the chase….the moment….the release


The chase….

“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war, or before an election.” Otto von Bismarck

fly-flytying-fishing-macro photography-underwire swittersb

I understand that a portion of the visitors to SwittersB cannot abide by anything that seemingly disrupts the daily activities of any animal upon this planet. So you should probably enjoy this post for the photography (maybe) and then turn away. Not that I am a constant advocate of killing fish (or any other animal) but I am an advocate for the chase, the encounter, the parting of contact with a sense of satisfaction. I do all this for me.

Yes, I selfishly do it of for me while trying to leave as little impact as possible upon the prey…the magnificent trout, salmon or steelhead trout. Some would argue this is inhumane (PETA types) to hook a fish and stress it while deriving pleasure. Others, would argue that if you do hook a fish it is only humane to kill it and more preferable than playing the fish and then releasing it stressed, vulnerable and nothing but an object for my satisfaction.

-gently back-trout-release-photography-fish-rainbow trout-Oregon-SwittersB-photography

I am imbued with the ‘need’, the instincts to chase beautiful fish, and not so beautiful fish, with a fly rod using creations I concocted. This requires me to study nature, understand the fish, the environment of the fish, feeding habits, its predacious ways and combine all that to seduce/provoke the fish into taking my offering. I make no apologies for that. 

I believe few people could not be intrigued, if put into the right circumstances, to appreciate the search, the quest, the ‘moment’ when they connect with a fish, big or small, and realize they are connecting with something more primal. Urban living, supermarkets, sedentary lives, numbed instincts combine to separate up from any sense of nature beyond pretty sunrises, sunsets, trees and the expanses of waters. 

SwittersB & Exploring was SwittersB & Fly Fishing for a good many years. All those outdoor encounters, seeking beautiful fish, only highlight the always magnificent surroundings it all takes place in. Visually, I share it all as best I can. Intellectually once in awhile. 

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