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Weird Joshua Tree Event: Cremation at Cap Rock

photography-SwittersB-Joshua Tree-rocks-Mojave Desert

Joshua Tree Weird Event: Cremation of Graham Parsons at Cap Rock


Barbers as Surgeons, Dentist and Stylists

wigdressersI was seeing a promo for a movie from biblical times. Everyone had long, scraggly hair and beards save one who had a buzz cut and clean shaven. This caused me to research hair cutting history and low and behold I came upon this supposed history of hair cutting, which revealed ‘barbers’ and their medical practices long ago. Barbers as Surgeons & Stylists


Raining Spiders in Brazil

I must admit to a little arachnophobia when it comes to spiders crawling around at night. Having suffered a few spider bites over the years beneath the sheets, I take pause when I see some large spider moving about in that region where the wall meets the ceiling…adios spider!

So imagine the freaky spiders falling from the sky in Brazil. Like birds falling from the sky in Arkansas, I think it was, this is one of those events that reminds one how weird nature can appear. How did the spiders get into the sky


Hell no that’s not our ceiling! There would be no sleep otherwise. SixGunGoGo


Leeches: Far & Wide

Leeches are often considered a staple for stillwater fly fishers. How often we actually see leeches is interesting to contemplate.  Other than in B.C. lakes, I have not seen leeches in the shoreline muck and detritus of the lakes I fish, yet I (you?) profess to imitate them all the time. I think it is more of a regional thing, I am sure I spend little enough time really looking. 

But, hey, should you actually find some and contemplate collecting them, here is an interesting few things to consider about leeches at The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things. Some creepy things at this site. Don’t blame me.


Contrasts: The Wake & The Bikini Car Wash

For the first time in ages, the back of my rig is void of anything fishing. Not one rod or fly box. Nothing for ‘just in case’. I have been busy with life’s duties and obligations. Just the way it is. The passion is too engrained to just evaporate; too many years. Right now it all seems out of focus. Or is it? See that escape to what feels best is alive and well, I believe.

Messages abound, signs that even a brief escape would be beneficial and soon. Like yesterday…a sign…I was exiting the freeway, headed home. I saw a sign. A contrast of sorts that begged for more simplicity, more nature, escape.

Half naked young women performing a car wash at a nude bar, other young women ‘soliciting’ for dirty cars on the sidewalk, as cars passed by. Next to them, a large white limo in the lot. The limo appeared to have carried a large family (old and young dressed in they finest). They were laying flowers, wreaths, balloons on the lot…holding a wake of sorts, next to car wash event. Such event planning. A spot where last week a young man was shot to death. Some ambush & revenge issue from the ‘hood.

The contrast of it all was not some terrible theater of life that causes confusion, questions or stress. No, it was almost comical, humorous and ‘interesting’. That was when, as I drove on, I said to myself…’self, you need to get your ass out of town soon and fish’. Yep, that’s what I said. The weirdness of the city must be endured yes. But, to endure it, one must periodically escape to the greater chapel.


“Vag Pag” Raises Awareness of ……………………

Of course, Portlandia is not the only place, but it’s Weirdness Quotient most often will have it in the top 5 in the Western Hemisphere.

There is always a cause around the next corner in Portlandia. Pick the right neighborhood and gather all the concerned together and the causes emerge in signs, T’s, booths and verbiage. Here a car is the perfect mobile marketing app. Dare I say there is a deeper intent in the event, but I would leave that to you to figure out. Nope, nothing to do with Fly Fishing but this does explain why I do crave the outdoors more than the urban mania. 


Every Day in May Challenge: Something Completely Different (Salvation Army & Tonya Harding)

Well, as I was driving to work this morning, I thought about this pending challenge topic ‘something completely different. I free flow with thoughts any way as I’m driving to work. Don’t ask me why but first I thought about the origin of fly pattern names. Tonya Harding was on the radio wailing away about her new born son (poor kid)…so I thought about a pattern called the Tonya Harding or the Train Wreck or the Knee Capper or White Trash. The light was green and an impatient type behind me honked to get moving. 

At the next intersection I contemplated why Portlandians set stuffed furniture outside on the curb as a donation. It has set in the rain. I never see anyone deposit/dump this furniture so they must shamefully do it under the cover of darkness. Also, I have never seen anyone take the furniture, yet it disappears…no doubt under the cover of darkness…HONK!!!

After a long Friday…frequently, appropriately labeled FUF, at work, I made my way home (no nothing occurred to me on the way home). Once home, I was watching some silly Brit movie..The Wrong Box, 1966. I was half assed paying attention when a character in the movie…a self righteous acting woman (temperance as a cause) appeared with an S insignia on her collar…half asleep it occurred to me…’what is that S for, I wonder’…’the Salvation Army?’ Stay with me, I’m getting there…and low and behold, it just popped into my brain as if by divine providence…the ‘something completely different’ topic was born: the origin of the Salvation Army. No really it’s kind of interesting.

Now That Logo sounds like some serious happening stuff going down in the redemption business.

The Salvation Army was modeled after the military, with its own flag (or colours) and its own hymns, often with words set to popular and folkloric tunes sung in the pubs. Booth and the other soldiers in “God’s Army” would wear the Army’s own uniform, for meetings and ministry work. He became the “General” and his other ministers were given appropriate ranks as “officers”. Other members became “soldiers”. When William Booth became known as the General, Catherine , his wife, was known as the “Mother of The Salvation Army”. William preached to the poor, and Catherine spoke to the wealthy, gaining financial support for their work. The ‘S’ best expressed the way in which the Army administered to the ‘down and outs’: first, soup; second, soap; and finally, salvation.”

Now I know I post a few photographs here for my photographer aficionados. I particularly like old photographs and came upon some oldies while researching the Salvation Army. The Cabinet Card Gallery and the Salvation Army (and other topics). What you might ask is a Cabinet Card?

Now admit it…when I was relating the whole Tonya Harding~honking incident at the traffic signal, you thought ok this guy must have run out of his meds and can’t re-up until Monday. But, now you see the beauty of my thinking….right?

Tomorrow’s Every Day in May Outdoor Blogger’s Challenge Topic: Mother’s Day

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