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Fly Fishing: Under Water Ways & Insect Survival

Above, on a late September day, I am studying the dry, early Fall, outlet stream of Strawberry Lake. What I recall about the moment are two things: the outlet was a bone dry rock strewn bed about ten feet wide and more interestingly, you could hear running water. Not a trickle, but a stream, well below the dry stream bed. This was the first time I came upon this phenomenon.

I imagine we all hear of water tables and realize they reach way beyond a creeks pathway. I was perusing the FlyFishUSA site’s weekly newsletter (12-19-10) and came upon a very fascinating post by  Rick Hafele re underwater/under stream bed water ways and how they influence insect life survival, especially after high water scouring.


Fly Fishing: Anchor Flies (Big & Light)

Sometimes the anchor fly is heavy for short line dredging of a fast running slot. However, this short piece in the Harford Examiner by Alain Barthelemy suggests, in shallower runs, a big but lighter fly is in order.

Stonefly by Greg Lowry of Boise, Idaho

Query both Greg Lowry (SwittersB) and Alain Barthelemy (net) re woven nymph techniques.



You Outdoors: Plan, Advise, Be Ready

Bivvy Sack

Outdoor Considerations

Bivvy sack, space blanket, cell phone, compass, map, water, fire starter, whistle, high energy food source. Some of the suggested items to pack up and carry along. It would take little room in a light pack or over sized fanny pack.

Leave a plan of where you are going. Write it down and put on dash. Stick to your plan. If you walk out and drive to a new watershed, does anyone know? You should drive into cell phone range and call. Who will know you changed your plan?

Perhaps you are of the ‘I don’t have anyone to tell. It is no one’s damn business anyway. I can take care of myself’ variety. Well, that is fine. Just in case read the mountaineering site so you can better survive.

Four Basic Responsibilities for Outdoor Visitors


Fly Fishing: Ethics and Personal Responsibility

“No, the trouble with fish-finders is that they were introduced to South African freshwaters by bass fishers. That’ the problem….Bass may be unlikeable fish in the estimation of the member, but that opinion is of little consequence in a discourse about ethics, even if environmentalists would disagree. The member’s main problem with bass is that they are pursued by phalanxes of garishly dressed yokels piloting overpowered motorboats at insane velocities all over the dam, dominating all corners of any fishery which they happen to infest, loudly, arrogantly and always with a nauseatingly ostentatious display of wealth. That is inconsiderate behaviour and, by any definition of summum bonum, unethical.
Bass anglers use fish finders. Let me rephrase that, no self-respecting bassie would start up his 200 horsepower phallus replacement without a fish-finder.” Neels Blom

I have a modest affliction for gadgets. Modest, I say, because I don’t have all the FF gadgets rigged around my neck. Just a few. I have at times felt over equipped when out on a lake with my pontoon boat. A regular fishing machine. No electric trolling motor or electronics. I once toyed with the idea of a fish finder, but for some reason, not thought through, I did not make that purchase. More prep, more set up, less time fishing. And, more often than not, if given enough time, I find some fish. I am not a process/relish the set up sort of guy.


Ethics. Civility. Some structure. As long as it does not impinge on my sense of liberty…especially these days, is a good personal decision. The collective ethics of fly fishers, for me, sometimes has an air of righteousness shrouded in enviro ethics that is heavy, pontificating, arrogant. Why I fell away from clubs, committees, boards. Must everything be over regulated? Over thought? I fish to escape structure, society, even the collective group mentality that smothers us at every turn today. Saving the world and me at every turn. Oh, yes those noble people out their fighting the good fight, saving the whatever(s). Yes, seems noble, necessary…..   The message seems lost on the individual for individual ethics and focused on the group and the law. Hmmm?

Too each their own, as Neels Blom says at the conclusion of his above piece. Individually celebrate, protect, worship and quietly share with a few now and then.



Fly Fishing Blog: Gold Joe’s Adventures


A good friend’s entry into the fly fishing world (and don’t hold it against him…he runs). NW based and worthy of ongoing visits. Welcome Monte!





Fly Fishing: Barbless Hooks Unnecessary?

V. Paul Reynolds in the Sun Journal (Maine) argues that barbless hooks are unnecessary and in fact possibly harmful to fish. Hmmm? I am astounded anyone would advocate for barbs on hooks, even treble hooks if the intent is to release the fish.

If a fisher does not know how to release a fish, whether the hook is barbed or barbless, that is a whole other educational matter to be addressed. However, the mere process of using forceps, pliers, fingers to back a barb out of fish can only be viewed as potentially more problematic for the fish…compared to a barbed hook. Over penetration? Perhaps an issue if a 8″ trout takes a size 2 streamer. But, this does not compute, biologists aside, that barbs are acceptable if releasing your catch. There just is more shaking, pulling, twisting, grabbing, stressing to remove a stubborn barb that has done its job. Barb the hooks for easier release of the fish, your ear and your clothing. Now lest I appear inconsistent, I do not smash my barbs in advance of tying, and I rarely use totally barbless hooks. I round down the barb on the water…and I do like a slight bump from the rounded down barb on salmon, steelhead hooks.


Survival Gear: Survival Straps & Paracord

survival straps belt

Survival Gear Here & There

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