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Tiger Trout (Reasonable Genetic Mixing?)



Tiger trout are a sterile cross of a brown and brook trout. The name comes from the wavy stripes along their body. A hatchery can readily produce them by fertilizing eggs of brown trout with sperm of brook trout, and heat-shocking them to create an extra set of chromosomes. Some claim they grow faster than either of their genetic origins.”

tiger trout A


The Alaska Chronicles by Miles Nolte


The Alaska Chronicles (Hatches Magazine Pic)

The Alaska Chronicles (Hatches Magazine Pic)

Exactamente! Writing that takes us to places most of us will never get to see, smell and experience. The book, The Alaska Chronicles is out. A bit spendy ($27.95/216 pages), but Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, your birthday, another bailout for banking…you deserve this. 

“By the time Miles returned from Alaska, his online musings had attracted a loyal and vicarious following of anglers and guides from around the world. They praised him for his articulate candor, and they thanked him profusely for transporting them with each new post to a place they may have otherwise never reached.


Greenland and Char (I hadn’t thought of it)

This is an example of my geographical knowledge shortcomings: Greenland. Recently, I noticed I had visits from Greenland. ? Greenland? My grade school geography lessons had failed me once again or more my middle age long term memory…Greenland and fishing? Certainly, it must be some ice  bound village, where hearty souls venture forth for Cod or some such endeavor. This blog, and the research that goes with it, has taught me so much about fly fishing around the world. Places I will never get to go, but where others live and other lucky fishers go.


Greenland is a char fishing paradise. Although this awe-inspiring wilderness is fairly new on our angling list, it is fast becoming a firm favourite amongst our clients. Our reindeer hunters have been returning full of praise for what they have experienced there, and so too are the growing number of anglers. This is ‘frontier fishing’ at its most exciting!”

And, it is apparent it is a remote venue: We highly recommend an emergency evacuation membership for this trip. It costs well over $100,000 to be air lifted to a safe US hospital from many parts of the world. These services will not be covered by general travel insurance or medical insurance.”

Beautiful Images..Sisimiut, Greenland

Beautiful Images..Sisimiut, Greenland




New Zealand Stillwater Dragon Pattern (Nice Looking Pattern)

N.Z. Dragon Fly

N.Z. Dragon Fly

I could only produce this picture from a NZ Fly Fishing site and the quality is a bit fuzzy and too small. But, you get the idea.  I really like the looks of this pattern. Olive Green Swannundaze, or how about a lighter brown Swannundaze? Good possibilities here. 

Hook: 8-10 long shank (2-3x long)
Body: olive green Swannundaze (how about brown?)
Thorax: olive green Swannundaze
Wingcase: brown turkey, over both body and thorax, then lacquered (could substitute pheasant tail fibers)
Legs: end whisks of turkey wingcase (or, PT fibers)
Head: black thread

I have seen double bodied type flies out of Idaho and Montana, so when I saw this pattern it was immediately familiar. I don’t believe the bodies are separate but simply separated by a thread tie off of the wingcase. Perhaps there could be an underbody to build up a taper? Is his a taper built by tension on the material like the micro tubing patterns? Perhaps if someone knows the name or total technique they could write so it can be shared??

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