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Steelhead, Clearwater Class B’s and Mama Ain’t Watchin’

“Singing done, I took my seat at the bar right in time for the cops to waltz in and throw down the native woman sitting next to me. Amid a shower of curses, with cell phone cameras a’glare (we’ll get you you sons-of-bitches), the cops wrestled the wreathing mass out the door and all went back to normal….” Angler’s Tonic, Clearwater Steelhead, Greg Thomas

I see

I always enjoy those that get to sneak away beyond home waters, and it reinforces to me what distilled corn, rye or barley can do for courage and to that morning constitution. Anymore, ugh…where did the endurance go? Nice writing…if you are just finding it…. quite good… the enjoyable mix of visuals, words the obligatory tunes and the ability to put you there. Greg Thomas Blog


Spreading the Good Word (Angler’s Tonic….)

IMGP0796XWhile perusing the Mountain River Journal to catch up with some of the most recent with Ms. Vokey, I noticed a post re Angler’s Tonic so I checked it out and it has that look. You know, the contemporary edgy look, but maybe even more. By contrast to the standard blog/website it is of that genre that excites the eyes and delivers even more in content. Beyond that it goes to the heart, mind and soul of this passion…or at least they intend to. Hope so.

“Fly fishing is about frustration, self discovery and, sometimes, exaltation. It isn’t about buying a $600 pair of waders, a vented cotton shirt, plus an $800 rod, and announcing that you’ve arrived. Angler’s Tonic is a lot about us telling each other, at the appropriate time, of course, “Deal with it.”

Angler’s Tonic was created for people from all walks of life; dig into the editorial content here and you’ll learn a wealth of information that can be applied directly on the stream. But don’t expect a bunch of reinvented articles pertaining to basic knots, bow-and-arrow casts, and life-changing fish landed under beautiful sunsets. Angler’s Tonic, above all else, is a community of like-minded people who know that life is short and each day ought to be secured by the throat and lived to its fullest. Angler’s Tonic is about a mindset, to take the good with the bad, to learn from that beat down, and to sit back and grasp those moments when life, even for the briefest moments, comes into complete and focused view…”

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