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“..that sanguine expectation of happiness which is happiness itself” 

Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

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Fly fishing: Anticipation in the Fall

The Chinook are staged in the bays and tidewaters on the coast waiting for the freshets, the early Fall rains, that will cool the water temps, raise the levels, create that draw that pulls the large fish upriver to spawn. The large rainbows are enjoying the drop in overnight temps in the Central Oregon lakes. The feeding will accelerate in the weeks ahead. I intend to search out the mammoth Chinook Salmon and the big ‘bows in the weeks ahead. The preparation of gear is part of the fun. Moving down the ancient checklist from years of planning and many mistakes along the way helps in prepping for the outings. 

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The photo ops may be awesome along the way: water, rocks, vegetation, mountains, horizons, trees and big fish may combine for awesome memories. Life’s clock ticks and I must grab these moments now with less ‘maybe next time’.




Fly Fishing: Early Season Fun…Finally

In the Pacific NW, most of the Western U.S., unless you are blessed with year around open waters (fishing season open) or you are a heroic Winter Steelhead fly fisher) you wait for the season to open in the Spring. Depending upon altitude, some waters open in April and some a bit later in May.

All this waiting is usually coupled with planning, studying up, tying flies, tinkering with the gear, and more planning. It is the anticipation, the what if’s and the recollections of having done it before and what it brings to the psyche when it all goes even partially right.

SB having funIt is the fresh air, the traveling and anticipation, the rush to get on the water, the possible sunshine! and warmth!, using the flies you tied and the success of those creations, “the moment” and the aftermath of feeling connected, at one, at peace…if even for a little bit. It is how one’s life should be, even off the water. 

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Longing For That Certain Something…………….

Beadhead Pupa Patterns Waiting (SwittersB)

All manner of life’s demands sometimes, often times, stand between this sweet obsession of fly fishing and our needs to be at ease. At ease with that part of us that feels certain fulfilling thoughts as we are in the act of fishing.

Probably different for many as to what they feel or process while fishing, but I am today considering what you think and feel when not fishing….when you are not likely to get out for anytime soon and the mind twitches through sequences of thought.

For me, my Winter’s effort at tying set there, in boxes, as a provocation. That effort, the anticipation, the planning are on hold. Yet, those repetitive efforts to tie flies were also tied to daydreams, images of successes and a preordained sense of satisfaction. Denied those successes the mind sputters along. There is not gleeful anticipation, but more like an annoying comparison of what was and what is now…like that irritating back or shoulder pain that begs comparisons of what was and what is now.

For me presentation and anticipation, akin to some seduction, are running through my mind. Like that sexy picture that can be seen but never touched. One has to believe that some day one will feel the fantasy and the reality come back together….soon. Life interrupts………this too shall pass.

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