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April Vokey Interview @ Westfly

This is a recent (12/23/12) interview by Scott Richmond of Westfly with April Vokey. I enjoyed this interview because Ms. Vokey provides a lot of solid, valid how to info in fifteen minutes. Give it a listen and you’ll learn a little bit…I think about the steelhead fly presentation. Westfly has a lot of excellent information going back several years.

april tony

A few years back, Ms. Vokey and my son, Tony, at the Portland Sportsman Show. Very gracious lady for certain.


BloodKnot Magazine, Blogger 2 Out and…….

BloodKnot Magazine, Blogger 2 Addition 

May I promote SwittersB a bit? Inside this addition, amidst all the visually, creatively stimulating materials is a humble little piece called Lost Opportunity by SwittersB. As you receive your visual fix, maybe drop by my little way station for a nostalgia fix? Thanks!


Fly Fishing: Are Women ‘Often Better’?

 Fly fishing gives women in particular a great sense of achievement and pride. Women are often better suited to fly fishing than men because they tend to be less competitive and less goal-oriented.”

Have you noticed, of late, that this is almost the obligatory statement re women and the sport? I wonder if it is true? Oh my! Did I ask that? Well, I wonder. Most accomplished women I know are competitive and goal oriented. Apparently accomplished women don’t do well in the sport? Oh hell, I don’t know.

Just seems like a statement proffered enough that it is just accepted as a given to avoid the fall out/blow back. I will agree that the endeavor does give a sense of achievement and pride. I imagine men enjoy the same sense of enjoyment when they aren’t competing and quoting how many fish they have caught. 

What is to be gained by raising this now? I just hate the stereotypical, lock step in any cast. Perhaps the fly fishing industry, women’s clubs and causes present this to enlist women and remove the perceptions of difficulty and male dominance?

Well, the more women the better, but seriously drop the silly ass kissing. Women can indeed often hold their own in fly fishing

Also, how did Herbert get so eloquent? Obviously not a competitive, goal oriented bone is his body.

“To go fishing is the chance of washing one’s soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of the sun on blue water.”  – Herbert Hoover, devoted angler and thirty-first President of the United States. (source)


Fly Tying: Fish Envy?

Worse than anatomical envy is fish envy? As I perused FB tonight, I observed one pic after another of large steelhead and trout. Big fish, big flies? I mean it is so enticing, so powerful a draw. And yet, there I sit. Squinting even with my 2x googles. Bobbing back and forth to come into focus on a size 24 hook. Tying the simplest fly of a single strand of Krystal Flash drawn out to take the kink out. A simple tiny craft yarn was used for the thorax. Tying a small fly (midge), of late, has become a tying right of passage. Yet those slabs…… Fish envy is a nagging attack on your self worth. Look at April Vokey with yet another beautiful fish, then look down at the dime. Hmmm? Identity crisis and at my age.


Fly Fishing: April’s New Site

Just in case you have been tucked away in a bat cave sans Wi Fi? I think in some parts (many parts) of the fly fishing arena you could say April and have the same knowing awareness as Oprah (tsk tsk)

April & Flygal Up


Fly Fishing: Sturgeon Sipping BWO’s, Rogue River’s Holy Water

Boyle parks his Ford Probe in the Holy Water parking lot and heads to the water with his float tube, fins and waders. His mission is to fish for rainbows rising in the calm, deep water beneath the dam’s spillway. Boyle ties a size 14 blue-winged olive onto his 3-pound tippet and fins into the center of the pool. Instead of trout dimpling the surface, Boyle says he’s alarmed to see an enormous creature stirring just beneath the surface. “It’s this monster sturgeon swimming upside down,” Boyle says. “I could see his white belly and his big, vacuum mouth right on the surface, swimming the backstroke and sucking on blue-winged olives.”

“I got him.” Boyle says he slips his landing net over the sturgeon’s nose — “just to make it official that I netted a sturgeon in my float tube” — and measures it. It was 10 feet, 2 inches long. More than twice the maximum legal limit.  Mail Tribune

In keeping with another oddity for Sturgeon, this story from two years ago re Sturgeon at Bonneville Dam on Columbia R.



Ape Reports: Group Spurts Alert (Steelhead Spawning)

“Essentially it’s a major free for all with a “may the best and closest ’spurt’ win” mentality….  Yup, this means that the male rainbow trout is able to fertilize the eggs of a female steelhead. So much for all those steelhead snobs who turn their noses up at the “measly trout”.” Ms. Vokey points the way toward more info starting on Pg. 42.


Recycling Those Hard Come By Waders

Just what do you do with those waders that won’t be patched any longer?

Our mission is to recycle and repurpose as many pairs of damaged breathable waders as possible. Why? As lifelong anglers we have witnessed changes in our environment as a result of our choices. As anglers we also feel a responsibility to help reduce our environmental impact.” Also….. and for those not quite there, but close


Catching & Releasing From Rodney Hsu

While checking FB, I noted April Vokey was a fan of Fishing With Rod. I decided to check it out and found an informative BC site from Rodney Hsu. Not all fly fishing but that is ok. Lots to learn and well presented. Any tip of the hat from April is worth a look. 

Good Bye & Thank You~Tony Muncy

Good Bye & Thank You~Tony Muncy


Native Fish Society T’s (Maybe They’ll Print More After the Clave?)

Native Fish Society T's

Native Fish Society T's

Saw these on Rogue Angels awhile back and forgot to share. Cood T for the Sandy R. Spey Clave and celebrating the removal of Marmot Dam. I wrote a week ago, so who knows…I received this response:

“…. Thanks for your interest in the Ts. There has been a lot of interest and we could very well sell out. You can purchase them via credit/debit card by calling by 503-829-6211 or send a check to Native Fish Society, PO Box 568, Molalla, OR 97038. Cost for the shirts and mailing is $28 a piece….Russell”

Limited Edition For Sale at the 2009 Sandy River Spey Clave on May 15th – the 17th.

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