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Along came a spider…

“It’s spider season. Every year, right about now, thousands of the godless eight-legged bastards emerge from the bowels of hell (or the garden, whichever’s nearest) with the sole intention of tormenting humankind.” Charlie Brooker


Nature & Halloween: Along Came a Spider……..

Things were easing along through the Halloween evening…knocks at the front door, the dog barking and young voices yelling ‘Trick or Treat’. Suddenly, the noise level elevated. My wife shrieked for my presence. I suspected my wife was being robbed of her stash of Air Heads by a gang of too old to trick or treat juveniles. No, young girls were pointing out a dangling decoration above the front door.

I came to the door to see a large, grape sized body with long legs spinning a web from the Halloween lights I had strung above the door. I carefully scooped the creepy spider into a container and took it into the kitchen thinking I am going to photograph this critter.

I got the camera and plopped the spider out onto a paper towel thinking the spider might cooperate. It took some doing because this spider had ideas about spinning a web around the kitchen! I got a few shots and then released the spider away from the front door decorations.

spider3 SwittersB

spider4 SwittersB

spider 2 SwittersB

spider1 SwittersB


Creepy’s: Spiders!!!

Just what is it about those creepy spiders. I have posted about spiders over the last few years and always get a few visits over spiders. Why? My Dad hated spiders and rats. Lost a brother to a rat bite in the neck. But, my Dad hated spiders more. I have suffered a spider bite on the calf and been in misery. Maybe you see those overly active spiders this time of year. Spinning webs. Busy, busy.

My ever vigilant son, Tony, seems to find these busy critters all over in his exploits (remember the Yellow Jackets?).

What a mess SB

You know the passage…’What a wicked web we weave when at first we practice to deceive…….’ You, know…lie your ass off and hurt those you love and etc……..

Spider 2 ™ SB

Looks like some high school lab project, but no really just at a job site my son, Tony, was servicing.

You know to be careful this time of year don’t you? Up in the ceiling, moving along that corner. What if they make it down, up the bottom of the bed and beneath your sheets and comforter. Yikes!!!!


Photography: Stonework & Cobwebs

Cobweb and stonework SBPhotography of old stonework and a cobweb: As you probably know, ‘cobwebs’ are ‘spider webs’. The gauzy appearance is different than the more ornate patterns woven by different families of spiders. Particulates gather upon the sticky webbing giving the cobweb that recognizable Halloween like design. Here old stonework and and old back door provide anchor points and privacy for the trap. Cyriak’s Creep Spider Animation “Cobwebs”….pretty cool.


Spider Identification Needed (Update)

Unidentified Spider on an Iowa desktop (Trey Hyatt)

SwittersB received this email message seeking assistance on identifying the photographed spider. Any one have a timely suggestion? A Wolf Spider?

“Hello Sir

We live in a rural-ish house surrounded by farmland etc. We found this spider creeping along our stairs, and us being tremendously freaked out sprayed it with ant and spider killer. Upon being sprayed… this thing would charge 1-2 feet straight at you.. or anyone that would get close. I believe I found it to be a Hobo spider based on a picture on your website, or a member of the wolf or grass spider. I really have no idea. Could you confirm or point me in the right direction, please? I attached a few photos, if you wouldn’t mind taking a look.”

Trey Hyatt/Iowa

Identify This Spider for Trey Hyatt of Iowa

This is a response from Rod Crawford, an Arachnologist for UW:

“I am a specialist on spiders of the states of Washington and Alaska. I have never been to Iowa and do not know the spiders that live there visually.The photo showing the spider on the desk shows no significant details, being just about enough to indicate that it’s a spider, but no more.The closeup photo is a little better but also shows no species-ID characters, I can’t even see the eyes which are the first things one looks at in classifying a spider (color and “markings” mean zero). The shape of the carpaace resembles some members of the fishing-spider family. Definitely not a hobo spider or anything dangerous.To get a species ID you’d have to ship the actual specimen here to me in Seattle (or to one of the many arachnologists who are closer to you, like in Ohio or Wisconsin).

Finally – wouldn’t YOU try to defend yourself if some unprovoked assailant sprayed poison gas in your face?”

—Rod Crawford, Burke Museum, Seattle, USA <>

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             Check out the “Spider Myths Web Site”!
and find out why everything “everybody knows” about spiders is wrong!

Hmmm? “Unprovoked assailant”? 


Update from Trey Hyatt re another spider in the house and a picture (8/24/2012):

“I previously sent you a few pictures of a spider we killed in our house. Think it was up between a wolf / hobo of some sort and you had sent the pictures to a spider expert in washington. Since then, I’ve killed another one in the same spot.. possibly a tad smaller, but just as aggressive as the previous one. I’ve included a few pictures. I have no found anything on the internet that I’ve considered a perfect match other than the hobo spider possibly? Have you found anything else out?

Unknown spider in Iowa. Help ID (Trey Hyatt)

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