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See the brown trout run (Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego)

“The Rio Grande and other rivers in the Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (P-TdF) regions of South America provide some of the best sport fly fishing in the world. While salmonids are not native to South American rivers, they are now well established and fly fishing ecotourism is an important regional industry. However, concerns exist that the fishing pressure may have begun to impair trout population structure and productivity in some of the rivers.”

“We also are interested in documenting why brown trout and sea-run salmonid fishes have so successfully adapted in the Rio Grande. Specifically, we are interested in potential interactions between resident and sea-run life history types of brown and other salmonids that are present in the Rio Grande (e.g. Rainbow Trout), especially in relation to interbreeding and competition for food and space by juveniles. We believe that such information also is essential to sustaining high quality fishing in P-TdF, as well as better informing the science of salmon rivers worldwide.



Damsel Fly ‘nymph’ de Argentina

Damsel Fly w/ Bead Chain Eyes de BrownTroutArgentina

Damsel Fly w/ Bead Chain Eyes de BrownTroutArgentina

Trucha Marrón a la Argentina, lo siento, pero su fotografía recortada. Espero que sea bien.
I like this pattern because of the Ostrich Herl tail (check out my The Orb Callibaetis Emerger too) and the dubbed sgraggily abdomen/thorax as well. This fly was shown along with an article about the Rio Grande de San Luis in the Valley of Pancanta. I mention this only in that if the pattern is fished in a stream the tumbling of the fly would be expected. I wonder if in a stillwater-lago if the bead chain eyes would cause the fly to flip over and ride point up? Not necessarily a bad thing….just wondering. 

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