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Photography, The Mind’s Eye, Life: Do You See It?

A Reflection SB

Life, Elders, Awkwardness, Shyness, Eye to Eye, Connections, Heart to Heart

Flitting thoughts and images of others passed. Did you see them? Did you truly look?

Passing moments in small talk. Perfunctory small talk, glances and moving on. Do you sense the reflections of time in their eyes? Do you sense something simple and loving beyond small talk and your clinical assessments?

They are here now. Simply show love, patience and something beyond self. Don’t look for the payoff now. Someday will you need more than small talk and passing glances and fleeting connections? Eye to eye. Heart to heart. Give Thanks that you can.


Photography: Sometimes It Is Just Black & White……

or shades of gray. Looking at the previous post re cactus flowers, it is evident I like that pop of color because…….

So much of my photographic efforts are impulsive and frankly not well reasoned. I can’t say I just do it. I do give some thought to positioning, angles, lighting, texture and color. But, even that is still less thought out. I think color is uplifting to my psyche? Maybe it just pleases, soothes and that’s it.

So, black and white or gray scales of imagery is appealing because…….

Hmm? Again not sure. Obviously, I am quite primitive or immature or limited by my conceptual awareness while pushing that button. Black & White images seem other worldly. They seem to be  in an adjoining time dimension or dream like. Somewhere our mind would visit but not stay. 

I really do need to develop some technical awareness here. Today’s cameras and apps make for lazy knowledge. For us lazy minded students of the art form….ones that just feel, imagine, impulsively snap away based on some intuitive twitch…..thank goodness! I’m having a hard time learning anything anymore.

Old Vines Barn SwittersB

old ladder bar  swittersb

Old Handle Fence SB


However there are those times that just beg for color!!! They are times we want to linger, want to savor and want the colors.

Trout and SwittersB Red Scarf_1024



Writings: Hot Flashes & Plucking At Wisps of Nature

  I came upon this wonderful piece of writing The Auguries of Innocence, over at Under Our Boot Soles. Give it a read and enjoy the humor, provocation of thought about nature and what is wild. Most people that visit this site are hell bent on getting as far from human contact as possible while wetting a line. Yet, I think most are equally capable of patiently indulging the back yard garden, tending to some live planting or admiring the changing leaves in a city park. It is good we slow down enough to enjoy the present rather than suffer wanderlust so often we look past the beauty, the ‘wilderness’ that was before us. Enjoy the link and be thankful if you don’t suffer hot flashes, because your Summers will be filled with relentless air conditioning and your Winters with open windows. 


Summer Sky Day Dreaming

I took this photograph on a hot Summer’s day last year. At the time, I was laying on my back, taking a break amidst weeds and tall grass. Gazing up at the passing clouds reminded me of being a small boy when one felt free enough to study big clouds and watch them move, transform, become….

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