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An Award: Nonchalant, but secretly pleased

one-lovely-blog-awardSwittersB & Exploring has received the nomination and accepted the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. A sincere thanks to Hollie at My Blog Is My Boyfriend. Her stylish, adult wit and wisdom is always a captivating read.

One, I sense from others, is suppose to exude the casual, nonchalant demeanor toward such bothersome happenings as award nominations. And, we all agree life can close in like a fog bank and narrow one’s to do list to only life saving activities. But, frankly, it is nice to be recognized with an award, your visits, your comments, you positive energy. And, that brings me to the ultimate reason I like these awards: it allows one to point toward others that one deems significant. My reasons for choosing a blog may well be different than yours. Actually, there have been many templates over the past few years I have used depending upon my place in life, my mindset, my awareness of something beyond the tip of my nose.

This time my selection template will be grace-charm-love-sacrifice-strength-wisdom. Pretty broad based, but again what I have enjoyed and gained strength from, and you might too.

So without further ramblings from a non-writer type, I will conclude the sequence of requirements. Let’s see, I mentioned a thank you to Hollie. Now I am to offer up 7 things about me, unique from previous offerings. Hmmm? 

1) I retired in January at the age of &% and have been truly enjoying the enormous freedom from budgets, timelines, management, herding, meetings, emails, being on call, travel, sales, marketing, HR issues and resolution, customer relations. In fact I have so far divorced myself from these demands that I often don’t remember the date, but usually the day.

2) Photography is my means of expression. I cannot write poetry or string together a coherent beginning, middle and end for a story. I use the camera to express and often I seek the why’s of what attracted me to the shot. I have difficulty attaching words to images and probably should just let the image speak for itself. Sometimes I do. I never say it, (until now) but often the shots I love most are the least appreciated on the blog. Fascinating.

3) We lost our yellow Lab, Emma Louise, in June. We are all in varying stages of grief. Love those animals. And know that those animals left behind grieve too. Their habits, routines are disrupted yes, but they know and sense the loss. Aren’t I a softy?

4) I love Black & White movies from the 30’s to 50’s. I particularly love Nick and Nora in the Thin Man series. Comedy or Crime Noir, I love them.

5) I wish I could play the guitar and passably sing too. 

6) As a father, I love my four children and they know it. They in turn can tell me they love me. Something I never had as a child.

7) My, those are somewhat somber aren’t they? So in closing on the what’s SwittersB like, I will conclude with I prefer Lagers to Microbrews, a full figure to a skinny one, a beautiful, smiling face regardless, steak medium rare, the desert, the mountains, a river, a lake. And love (needy tonight it appears).


Oh now the time consuming, but most worthy part of this whole process. How to select but a few of the beautiful, inspiring blogs out there. I arrived at these wonderful souls because they practice giving. I will list these in no particular order of importance. They, to me, are all special, magical. I am a better man because of them and so many more loving souls.

Sacred Touches with Natalie Scarberry

Finding Your Middle Ground with Val Boyko

West 517  Inspiring vintage photography

Myas Writes with Margaret Prezioso-Frye

The Gravel Ghost with Merilee Mitchell

Blue Jelly Beans with Giovanna

Sue Bee & Kat Exploring SoCal

The Hopeful Herbalist…Understated Beauty

Tell Me About It with Michelle Marie

Lemanshots with Josephine

Blissful Blog with Shyla Cadogan

Busy Mind Thinking with Belinda

I know some of the above may be awarded out….understood. Do as you see necessary. But, these wonderful, creative souls have massaged my mind and heart of late and I have enjoyed it. There you have it. I didn’t swear…I only alluded to a woman’s physical characteristics twice…and I thoroughly enjoyed putting this together. Thank you Hollie!



Many Thanks & Pointing the Way to Others……

Most Influential Blogger Crop Recently, I was honored by Elsa Elskerarvid when she nominated me in her blog for the Most Influential Blogger Award.

Takk Elsa for din type nominasjon av bloggen min. Jeg liker dine vakre ord veldig mye!

As you may no doubt know, there are usually a series of questions that reveal some aspect of the nominee’s life, thoughts, passions, visions. So let’s try these questions on, and for me they are tough……

1-If you could create your planet what would it look like? Tough for me because unlike many of you I am not prone to using the word planet, or global. I am more local and service oriented. So let me take the easy way out…my planet: no harsh weather; all the seasons felt but no Arctic blasts, high humidity or cataclysmic events…nothing to idealistic there.

2-If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be? Too tough to answer…maybe I would draw from a hat and see if Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Peru or The Seychelles came into view.

3-Have you ever taken a long distance train trip? Yes, I was 12. By train, we left Portland and made our way to West Virginia, then from there to Wisconsin and then back West to Portland. That was a very long budget trip with only the coach chairs to sleep in.

4-What is something you would collectively change about humanity? Tyranny, War, Hunger.

5-What is your favorite song? Sweet Home Alabama or Hotel California or Leather and Lace

6-If you could meet one person who is still alive who would you choose to meet? Can’t think of anyone famous….I can think of this: love those close to you. Hold those conversations now that will give you glimpses of the loved one’s inner space. Don’t stare off later, after they pass, wondering what they thought about this or that. 

7-If you could choose one symbol to represent you, what would that symbol be and why? The Egyptian Ankh symbol of life. Why:Egyptian mysteries, Pagan, Spiritual, Paleo…simple and powerful. 

Now to bestow this worthy nomination to others……

1. Abby Has Issues                                      6. Wilden Marsh                                   11. Jasmine                     

2. Mid-Life Travelers                                  7. Vivienne’s                                          12. Fabulous 50’s

3. QuickWittier                                            8. The Gravel Ghost                              13. G.L. Jackson

4. Angie’s Diary                                           9. John Christers Open Heart           14. Cynthia Jackson

5. Capturing Capacity                               10. Musings Distractible Mind           15. Pardon Garden


Thank You For the Award(s) (Very Inspiring Blogger Award)

Today, out of the blue, I simultaneously received three nominations for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I express special thanks to Eunice at Living and Lovin , to Rebecca at Prince Charming Isn’t Here and to Bette at  4 Writers and Readers for nominating me for this award after they were also the recipient of the award.

If you are at all familiar with such awards, you are asked to fulfill a couple obligations that passes on a little information about the recipient (SwittersB) and passes on the award to other bloggers that I enjoy (their spirit, content, positivity, talent).

It is traditional to pass along 7 pieces of info about me:

1. I eat meat and like my steaks medium rare. I probably only have that meat once a week though. The rest of the time it is fruit, grains, vegetables and dairy products.  I am quite content with a bowl of cereal.

2. I hate Judge Judy and Doctor Phil! Well ok, I don’t hate  them but they irritate the hell out of me.

3. I love photography, but have little training or technical knowledge. I see things and take the photograph. I am not certain what ‘style’ or techniques I am employing.

4. I want to plan at least two significant fishing trips in the next 6 years, while I am fit enough to enjoy them. ‘Significant’ is like a prior trip I took to Christmas Island.

5. I have four great kids and two awesome grandchildren.

6. Of all the maladies that have beset me, I have faired pretty well: four surgeries, some broken bones, too much dental work. But, the most aggravating decline has been my eyesight and wearing glasses. Annoying as hell. 

7. I use to fish at least once a week, now I infrequently fish. The outdoors is a chapel of sorts for me. That fishing frequency needs to be increased soon.

Now for my recommendations of recipients for The Inspiring Blogger Award. I am to nominate 15 interesting blogs. There are many. There are many that have also received numerous awards, so if you already received the TVIBA in the past no worries. Just know you still have what it takes!

1. Follow The Light

2. Life Out of the Box

3. Chasing Art

4. David Heilman

5. my guilty pleasures

6. Sigoese

7. Gary Schollmeier

8. Maggie Mendus

9. Grandmother’s Musing

10. Romancing the Bee

11. Seth Snap

12. Outdooress

13. Bailfly

14. Light Touch

15. A Window Into The Woods

There you have my worthy nominations for The Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out their inspiring blogs and give them your likes. Thanks again Eunice, Rebecca and Bette!


SwittersB Spreading the Good JuJu

Recently, I have been blessed to be the recipient of a few awards that recognize what a razzle-dazzle guy SwittersB is. Yesterday, Nicole at NMNPHX nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Now lately, I have been receiving these nods of approval and I have to say that it is satisfying to be acknowledged, but a bit humbling given how many creative writers, photographers, innovators there are out there. So thank you Nicole…very much.

That said, I have some followup requirements to see through: tell you a few unsolicited /quirky things about SwittersB and to point toward other notable, inspiring blogs that are equally One Lovely Blog and deserving of an award.

Some Titillating (well maybe they shouldn’t be titillating) Tidbits about SwittersB:

1. My two most favorite places to camp are East Lake (Oregon) & Leighton Lake (B.C.). I have many others, but settled upon those two.

2. I do not care for liver & onions, squash, yams, sushi or cauliflower.

3. I am quite allergic to Penny the Cat, but endure the symptoms because she is so sweet.

4. I become ill at the mere mention of Judge Judy, let alone hearing her voice.

5. I love old movies from the 1940’s, particularly Film Noir.

6. My photography goals: better understand depth of field and do better macro work that makes you go ‘wow, he finally figured it out’.

7. Few food items rise to a medium rare steak and beer (the minute I hear vegan I think of brusel sprouts).

Now here is where I point toward other enjoyable blogs and nominate them for the One Lovely Blog Award.1. The Wanderlust Gene  2. Water Color Candy  3. Creativity Aroused  4. This Little Light  5. Cindy’s Cancers 6.Living and Lovin 7. Dogs Make Everything Better


SwittersB Shares The Spotlight

     SwittersB is honored to acknowledge Teri Taylor,   the renowned recipe rustler over at Recipes From My Kitchen nominated me for The Beautiful Blogger Award. The award’s process calls for you to point toward the special person that nominated you for the award; tell some interesting things (7) about yourself that may help people to know you better and lastly to point toward other blogs you follow or admire, which calls for you to nominate them for The Beautiful Blogger Award.

This awards process generates a lot of appreciation and positive karma flowing through the blogosphere. There are many gifted writers, artists, photographers, recorders of life out there. Looking beyond your own blog, your own research and writing, enhances your life and gives one greater appreciation of others.

So, a few things about me that provide further enlightenment about SwittersB……..

1. When I was 22 years old, I was stricken with GuillainBarré syndrome. I was paralyzed for the better part of three months and then commenced a long recovery that took the better part of a year. I was again stricken by the malady twenty years later, although that bout was of shorter duration. I have never  fully recovered from it and have some permanent nerve loss and strength loss.

2. My 8th Grade year, I stood alone, on stage, in an assembly and sang a solo…for the life of me I cannot remember what it was, only that I was scared to death. Later, that year I won a dance contest with Mary Ann Butler.

3. I love all things gardening. My favorite flowers are Fuchsias, Roses and Sunflowers.

4. I am considering retiring for the second time. If the stars align just right, it will be in about one year.

5. I went to Russia to teach a course on ethics, to law enforcement personnel, for one month in the early 90’s. No, I don’t speak Russian.

6. I can’t swim a lick. My freshman year in college, I took a Beginning Swimming class. I was the only one in the class that truly needed a beginning swimming course.

7. I am of Irish-French (Father) and French (Hungarian/Banat Region)-German (Mother) decent. A few years back, I spent the better part of two years researching through all the branches of my family with pretty good success.

So, drum roll please. Here are my nominees for The Beautiful Blogger Award. 

~The Leisurely Life with Cindy Knoke

~Brainstorms: How Epilepsy & Writing Connect with Maggie Mendus

~BuckWheatsRisk by Zoe G.

~A Gripping Life with Lisa

~Smell My Paws with Kitty Drunk Drunk (Go With the Flow)

~Movin’ On with Gunta

~The Limp Cobra with Marc Fauvet

There you have my selections. A diverse spread of talents that will add enjoyment to your day. I will individually contact each nominee. Thank you Teri!!!

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