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Awards: Remiss with Thank You’s……….

I have been remiss in acknowledging two award nominations from kind followers of SwittersB. First, in the chill of Winter, Margaret Prezioso-Frye at Myas…A Tragic Lady was generous in pointing the way to SwittersB for The Lovely Blogger Award. And, just recently Gavin at Sedge808 was gracious enough to nominate me for The Versatile Blogger Award. I mean Lovely and Versatile both…wow! Margaret captivates with the written word and Gavin stirs the mind with Black & White ‘Noir’ photography..check them out!

And the beauty is I have two spots where I can conspicuously present the awards for consumption……..

place to hang

This screw in the wall is begging for a significant object to be hung right there.

As luck would have it, a bare spot exists too on a vintage shelf…

shelf to set

As you no doubt know, each award has a set of requirements that should be scrupulously adhered to……….

The usual requirements call upon me to share 7 ‘interesting’ facts, or assumptions, about me….hmmm?

1. I had a fractured front tooth extracted yesterday and it hurt like hell, even with Novocaine and laughing gas!

2. I have visited a nude beach before, without clothes of course, but I wore dark sunglasses.

3. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and find it a labyrinth of mazes and compartments to sort through.

4. My right wrist is fully fused with gobs of hip bone and a titanium bar affixed with 7 screws…I don’t set off metal detectors.

5. I am fond of Fuchsia, Roses & Clematis.

6. I refrain from Judge Judy, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil and hockey.

7. I have an affinity for old, vintage photographs…something in them does something in me.

And now I am to suggest several blogs that I personally enjoy and you might as well. Now the crux, I see, is which award am I nominating them for? I kind of made a muddled mess of this mentioning two different awards. 


Let me first say that if life, time constraints, mental fog and such just make following through with the award nomination difficult, I totally understand if you don’t pass on the process. Just know you were nominated and that you personally lift my day as well as other folks too. As for the specific award and because I have two nominations, I will leave it to you to select the one that suits your tastes.

So here are some pleasurable diversions that SwittersB enjoys and again sorry for the delays Margaret & Gavin…………..

Merilee Mitchell at The Gravel Ghost

Livonne in the Blue Mountains of Australia

Leyla Garza at I Lost My Lens Cap

Belinda at Busy Mind Thinking

Cynthia Baker at Simple Pleasures ~ Visual Poetry

Jim Work with Southwest Texas Photography


SwittersB Savors the Praise


SwittersB & Fly Fishing has received two nominations this week for Versatility and Inspiration! I am extending my sincere thank you’s to Bette A. Stevens and Francena~Southern Goddess Paranormal for the nominations and appreciation of the efforts here at SwittersB & Fly Fishing.

vib-trophy-blog-mThe notoriety of SwittersB has reached such proportions that when I walk into public places I am immediately besieged for blogging tips and autographs (just joking). Like the other night we walked into a local watering hole and I immediately noticed this tall drink of water…I mean the barmaid…there, on her backside, was an obvious tribute to me! I think.

I Know Gary Caitlan SCSI owe all this acclaim to the wonderful, equally inspiring and versatile bloggers that visit SwittersB. I sincerely derive so much inspiration, everyday, from all of you that express your creativity. Thank you!


So, part of the award process is to tell several things about one’s self and to pass on the appreciation by mentioning/nominating other bloggers that I find interesting. I would like to combine these two awards into one response, so allow me to do that…..

First, a few things about me: My favorite time of year is Spring and I love mornings when the sun is just gracing the tops of the trees and the birds are chirping away ~ I don’t particularly like to sleep. I know it is necessary, but the older I get the more it seems so wasteful ~ I am allergic to Penny the Cat, who insists on sitting on my chest and rubbing her head under my chin ~ I love the freedom of a road trip…that sense of awareness that you are free of the daily restraints and your mind senses freedom to roam ~ I don’t like high ladders or being on roof tops…getting up there is easy enough, but coming down gets problematic ~ I haven’t ridden a bicycle in years, but I have a nice one in a shed, helmet and all ~ my church, my chapel, my spiritual connection is the outdoors where I find the one on one connections that clarify and inspire.


Now for some inspiring and versatile bloggers. I would ask them to pick the award that best suits them and complete the process if time allows……….

Greenhorn Photos

Small Pieces of Life

Krishna’s Pictures and Notes

The Uncommon Angler

Not So Skinny Cook

Robinson Treasure Maps

Geo Topoi Photography

Edward Photography

Lizzie Joy’s Photo Suite

Living With My Ancestors

Chatty Owl

My Guilty Pleasures

Replicant Core’s Photoria

Lust and Rum

Moonglow Treasures

There are so many more blogs that could be listed. There are many that receive numerous awards and are truly inspiring…you know who you are…and they inspire, motivate, extend kindness that helps sustain and renew me on a daily basis. To all thank you and pass on the love and appreciation.


SwittersB’s Super Sweet Nomination

Well, something like that. I have been remiss, more than usual, in not acknowledging some past bequeathments of awards (Thank you Fresh Start & Nine & a Half Hours Ahead!!). This time, Marcy at For Your Good Health nominated me for the, sit down now, the Super Sweet Blogging Award! I am honored that Marcy honored me, and perhaps I can humbly tie this award acknowledgment back to Fresh Start’s and Nine & A Half Hours Ahead’s and say a very heartfelt thank you to all. Thank you Marcy!

It is what it is…I’m Super Sweet. I have to embrace it.

So, in keeping with the format for such awards, I will combine the ‘about me’ components (I hope that is ok with the Big Pastry Chef overseeing such things) and write a few things about me:

1. I prefer Pie. Cold Pie on a cold plate with cold vanilla ice cream. Nothing warm about it. All cold and refreshing.

2. Beyond Happy Birthday, I do not know the words to any one song from beginning to end. I enjoy tapping my foot, even dancing with happy feet, but ask me the lyrics and I am lost.

3. Blogging combined with work has pretty much destroyed my capacity to read a book cover to cover. I use to be lost in a book and have plenty on the bookcase, end table, nightstand, head board waiting. Now, I rarely read a book. I can’t say I care for that.

4. I often prefer the company of women more than men. I won’t ask you what that says about me.

5. Beyond my obvious passion for fly fishing and tying, I have a satisfying passion for gardening, old movies, cooking, photography, the outdoors. Life’s recent struggles have denied a lot of that for me, thereby, reaffirming how in need I am of pursuing those past times as soon as possible…lest I become less sweet.

6. I am allergic to cats, yet each morning one jumps upon the bed and lies on my chest to awaken me with a well placed paw on my chin. I like that and suffer the itchy eyes, throat and nose.

7. I come from rural stock and am proud of it. I distrust intellectuals and social planners. I value Liberty. I am a bit of a loner.

Don’t I look Super Sweet here.

Ok, hopefully I didn’t do anything too harsh to make myself less sweet in your estimation. So, here are a few blogs that I enjoy because of their beauty, wisdom, energy or just their 180° ways that make me loosen up a bit and stay sweet. Feel free to accept and acknowledge the award or if life is just too chaotic right now, get around to some form of passing along kindness down the road:

1. I Miss Me Too

2. Swerving For Butterflies

3. Northwestern Images

4. Nine & A Half Hours Ahead

5. Tilden Bar None Ranch

6. Sarah Takes Pictures

7. Middlescapes

8. River Scribbles

9. Mimo Khair Photography

10. Red Willow

11. Chicquero 

12. Signals to Attend

13. The Smitten Image

There you have, what is a very difficult task, the baker’s dozen of shared sweetness and respect and admiration. You will note there is not one fly fishing blog noted and that does not suggest there are not some amazing writers, poets, photographers, cooks and thought provokers in their midst! Just some variety to expand our awareness.


Sunshine Award for SwittersB

Well, when one finally wanders off the ranch you never know what you’ll run into. If you follow along with SwittersB, for awhile, you will note that I don’t solely focus upon flies and fish. There is a big, beautiful world out there. And, may I just say that Natalia Sarkissian at Postcards from Italy captures that beauty and human essence with her photography and words.

So, my day was considerably brightened today when Ms. Sarkissian bestowed upon me the honorable Sunshine Award.

Ms. Sarkissian wrote..  “My favorite blogs, the ones I herewith, with much fanfare and lots of ado, nominate for a Sunshine Award:

-the smart and savvy Switters B & Flyfishing whose blog is a treasure trove of interesting material, on matters fishy and otherwise;…” 

Somewhere along the way I have brightened her day and she accorded me the same courtesy. There are a few disclosure requirements that go along with this recognition:

a) Include the award logo in a post or somewhere on your blog.

b) Answer 10 questions about yourself.

c) Nominate other fabulous bloggers (ok, I didn’t go with 10+).

d) Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

e) Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Ok, my IT/Graphics Unit never returned after the Memorial Day weekend. So, this is the result.

So some questions I have devised and the answers to go with them:

1) What are the most exotic destinations I have traveled to? Well, I am not as well traveled as most but I have a couple memorable trips. In 1994, I traveled to Moscow to teach for a few weeks and had many great encounters and a few years ago I was fortunate to travel to Christmas Island (Kiritimati) on a fly fishing adventure.

2) What was my first car? It was a 1949 Buick Roadmaster. It was vintage then (1965), but I had no idea. I just couldn’t wait to get a 1963 Chevy Impala a short time later.

3) SwittersB why do you walk, move and look so funny? Well, six different surgeries from my heel to my noggin have put me into an odd configuration…like a toy action figure missing pieces and the batteries.

4) What kind of movies to I most enjoy? I will watch most anything, but I am usually also puttering away researching for my blogs. But, if a 1930’s or 40’s film noir movie is on, I am fully engaged. I also love the Thin Man series with Nick and Nora Charles. I think I many have some Nicky in me.

5) Geeze, SwittersB you live in Portland, Oregon…the loadstone, the hub of brewing, of those earthy brews and all the variety and….well what are your favorite microbrews? Oh goodness. I might as well put on my overalls and head east of Gresham. I don’t particularly like most microbrews and am quite content with a Pacifico, Coors Light, Bud Light or German Lager. I mean I can put down some Ruby Red’s or Terminators but not my preference.

6) Boxers or Briefs? Ha! Funny question.

7) The clans that spawned me…what were their origins: England & France (Dad’s side) France (Hungary) & Germany (Mom’s side).

8) If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do? Oh that is way too complex for SwittersB to answer. 

9) If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake? Because we worry way too much what others will think? 

10) Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous? I am becoming ever more private so I don’t need to be famous; attractive? Hmmm? Then I would have to dye my hair and the last time I did that it turned reddish orange. Maybe for some $$$$$$$$$$. But, not if I end up drooling and can’t remember where I put my teeth.

There you have my profound thoughts. Not a thing about fly fishing either. Now, my opportunity to recognize some bloggers out there that brighten my day. 

~Memoirs of a Fly Girl (fly fishing, heritage, motherhood and traditions)

~GreatPoetryMHF’s (Every Day She Makes You Think & Feel)

~Jodie Ambrose and Postivity  (A twist, an edge, a positive push..I like her)

~Secret Life of a Manhattan Call Girl (Stella is awesome. Open mind zone. Reality based)

~Where In the Hell is Matt? (Tremendous effort by Matt…watch all the videos and lift your heart)

~Nalan Filiz Serkaya (Elegance & Fanciful)

~Let’s Talk About Family (Unofficial…for now…she has little time to comply, but bless her)

Now if I was back on the ranch (remember way at the top I pulled that out) I would point to quite a few exceptional fly fishing blogs. But, I am going to stop here. Check out the above fabulous bloggers. And, may I just say thank you to the wonderful Natalia once again. You made my day.

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