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FLY AS ME Clothing Co.

I have it on good authority that for those of you that dress some where between a rapper, skate boarder, jock and saggy assed fly fisher…how in the heck has this evolved?….the Fly As Me clothing line has some well designed cloth.


FLY AS ME CLOTHING CO. promotes an oft repeated phrase in their literature:

YOU are what YOU believe, YOU create what YOU believe in.
Ok, so you are wondering, how in the hell are you, an old, stodgy FFer, promoting this line of clothing? I just happen to know the primary fan of the owner behind the clothing and thought I would simply highlight his work. Now take a look at the site and for crying out loud put away that skate board….at your age…….. It’s bad enough a perfectly good baseball cap has to have that flat bill these days!

The Fly, The Lens, The Neurotransmitters

Many images evoke all manner of satisfaction. The pleasure derived from the perfect form, or combination of colors or suggestions of movement, texture etc. Well, you know all the ways these adjectives can go given the subject matter. For me and many of you, the ability to tie a ‘beautiful’ fly and then photograph it to share is one of the grander pleasures of the endeavor. Many can tie well, but not as many take the camera and capture the beauty of the simplest to the most complex fly patterns.

Whether it is the ornate art of Atlantic Salmon flies, as depicted in this years exquisite Full Dress Calendar 2012 (by Prud Fishing Products) which I was blessed to receive, or the more traditional Trout/Grayling patterns, the photograph of the finished fly offers many layers of satisfaction and enhances our pursuit of tying better….at least it does for this messy, impressionistic fly tier.

I offer a handful of what I consider to be highly inspiring fly tier/photographic works that routinely challenge me to tie a better fly…not necessarily for the fish, but to perfect the techniques.


Lucian Vasies at Fly Tying Romania

Albino Olive by Hans Weilenmann

Blue Quill by John Newbury

Jean Paul Dessaigne

Jean Paul Lipton, the Carpinator

I am sure there are other equally gifted fly tier/macro photographers out there and I would like to learn about them, so share. Explore the above tiers and their consistent excellence and be inspired to improve your tying or macro work. I know I am; I have macro envy. Oh, and I in no way mean to exclude the beauty of Steelhead, Salmon, Pike etc. patterns.  


Egg Nog French Toast

Either you like Egg Nog during its brief holiday season visit or you detest it (as I do Buttermilk). I happen to like it. Came upon this recipe via The Hungry Southerner (via, darn it, I lost the link…) 

Egg Nog French Toast @ The Hungry Southerner

Grew up with French Toast. Always been a camping breakfast for at least one morning, with bacon. I am not big on pancakes, but French Toast slathered in syrup and butter will grab my attention.



Caddis Fly Shop: Christmas (Happy New Year List)

Only a few days left to buy that special someone, something for the holidays. Chris at the Caddis Fly Shop (Eugene, Oregon) has some economical gift suggestions.  Remember that walking into a fly shop can be a bit daunting, so a few helpful suggestions, on a list, helps the shopper. Otherwise, you may receive that gift that wears thin by….no! tell me you didn’t! 


Aurora Borealis History @ Space Weather




“ has an alert service you can subscribe to. I got it about a month ago. It sends you a message when there is magnetic storm event being triggered by a solar storm so you can be on the lookout for northern lights. Pretty cool. These are spectacular events to witness. I’ve seen several good ones and it can be so “other worldy” that you almost have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s not some kind of dream! Hollywood can’t touch this stuff!

We are heading into a solar peak and the next couple years are expected to be very active (hopefully not to active) as we are coming out an inordinately long solar minimum. Keep an eye out, if you catch a good one you will never forget it.” Wayne Mumford @ Will Fish For Work


Fly Fishing: Teaching The Kids Good Ju Ju

For many, the fly fishing season is over until next Spring. It is time to clean  and stow gear, tie flies, study and plan for next year and get through the grey days of Winter. 

In that planning, are you considering the beginning process of teaching your child or a child how to fly fish? Depending upon the child’s learning style, you can introduce some how to materials during the Winter? I would advocate less how to written material and much more visual materials such as videos and movies.

It is a good time to assess what gear you have to share. Rod, reel, fly box, tools, float tube, fins, etc. will need to be put together. Do this in advance and turn over possession of these items to the child. Let them have a sense of ownership, whether new or used.

If you are somewhat intense, focused, self absorbed: realize a trip with the child must be primarily about them…start to finish. Relax and enjoy the teaching experience. More than once, I have wanted a fishing experience to be so perfect that I ended up ruining the experience for a loved one as my negative energies emerged, because the trip was not turning out as I had hoped. Of course, this only compounded the negative vibes. 

It will be easier to anticipate frustrations, missteps, tangles, bloopers and just give the day over to patient teaching, then have to apologize for being an intense, demanding, impatient task master. 

Pick a pond, lake, small stream that is safe, probably productive and go forth and teach and enjoy. Make the planning process fun for the child and create the magic now that will carry them through life. They will remember your gentle hand and encouragement years later. How would you want them to teach their children?


Condit Dam Breach Time Lapse…Cool!


Fabio’s Meatballs: ‘Like Someone Slap Your Brain!’

Fabio’s Amazing Meatballs….How To 

Fabio's Perfect Meatballs


Blue Collar Trades (Men & Women)

As I pass the time, of late, with my 94 y/o aunt, I hear stories from the 1940’s. She recounts the scary times of leaving home as a teenage girl (she and my mom left abusive conditions as teenage girls and made it cross country to California and Oregon) and later working in factories as a young woman doing men’s work. The men were mostly gone then, in the military for WWII. She recounts with pride making 55 gallon drums for hours on end for the war effort. My dad was blue collar his whole life. My father in law as well. I am surrounded by tradesmen and women (farm girls that could do it all). Odd how I moved away from that direction. Not by cognizant design, as much as by educator’s expectations & my peers all heading off to college (although I do remember a high school counselor telling me I’d be better served to forgo college and just go straight into the Army). 

Lately, I have been seeing Mike Rowe (the Dirty Jobs guy) pushing an initiative for more emphasis on blue collar trades education and promotion. I couldn’t agree more. There is a glut of the highly educated/leisure class. Perhaps some day we can have an increase in the trades that is viewed as an honorable life choice. Mike Rowe Works 

Mike Rowe promotes the Trades for the Men & Women of America


Twilight Zone Theme Music now……………….

In the Whackadoodle Genre there are all manner of screw balls. But, also, attached to these ‘unexplained’ natural phenomena there are interesting visuals. Peruse the Truth Behind the Scenes blog and you will find all manner of interesting visuals and the supposedly unexplained. Not delving into it too far; I just enjoy the photos. 

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