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Fly Fishing: Stalking Trout

Unless you are fishing gin clear spring creeks and attempting to spot holding fish you, like me, are probably moving about a stream looking at probable holding water based on currents and structures in the water. We know not to wade carelessly and maybe we consider the finish on that fly rod (maybe a matte finish) or not to wear to flashy of clothing. We do have a sense of a trout’s vision and sense of vibrations.

bow wet belly sbI have written a couple prior posts here at SwittersB & Fly Fishing that provided excellent information re a trout’s vision and color perceptions. Query in the search box (‘trout vision’) to the right (below The Versatile Blogger icon) and you will locate those prior posts.

Today, I am sharing some basic info for the beginner or a refresher for others about a trout’s senses and how to move against those senses.


Nymphing Basics


Pheasant Tail Nymphs by SwittersB.

I recently had a friend remark about reading my blog, but not understanding a portion. I enquired about the confusion. It was a very simple concept. I had not elaborated with more specificity because I just assumed it was so obvious. But, that was a mistake on my part. The basics of fly fishing, like riding a bike, seem so simple, so natural that we (I) forget the beginner’s learning process…from the very beginning. This blog has always been steered toward two things: info for the beginner and visual/mental stimulation for the active fisher that wants, needs, craves to be out there, but because of real life, just can’t make it out there anytime soon.

Many people are out and about this time of year fishing, camping, picnicking, celebrating their family and friends. I notice my blog numbers drastically drop each weekend and surge back up on weekdays.  You are out enjoying life or perhaps like me out taking care of real life obligations and duties that prohibit outdoor/recreational visits.

So, periodically I will share links that provide a refresher of basics about how to tie flies or rig up for fly fishing presentations. So, here are a few simple pieces about rigging/fishing small nymphs that will act as a how to helper for beginners: (an Orvis piece) (a Hubpages piece).


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