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Contrasts: The Wake & The Bikini Car Wash

For the first time in ages, the back of my rig is void of anything fishing. Not one rod or fly box. Nothing for ‘just in case’. I have been busy with life’s duties and obligations. Just the way it is. The passion is too engrained to just evaporate; too many years. Right now it all seems out of focus. Or is it? See that escape to what feels best is alive and well, I believe.

Messages abound, signs that even a brief escape would be beneficial and soon. Like yesterday…a sign…I was exiting the freeway, headed home. I saw a sign. A contrast of sorts that begged for more simplicity, more nature, escape.

Half naked young women performing a car wash at a nude bar, other young women ‘soliciting’ for dirty cars on the sidewalk, as cars passed by. Next to them, a large white limo in the lot. The limo appeared to have carried a large family (old and young dressed in they finest). They were laying flowers, wreaths, balloons on the lot…holding a wake of sorts, next to car wash event. Such event planning. A spot where last week a young man was shot to death. Some ambush & revenge issue from the ‘hood.

The contrast of it all was not some terrible theater of life that causes confusion, questions or stress. No, it was almost comical, humorous and ‘interesting’. That was when, as I drove on, I said to myself…’self, you need to get your ass out of town soon and fish’. Yep, that’s what I said. The weirdness of the city must be endured yes. But, to endure it, one must periodically escape to the greater chapel.


Brazilian Fly Fishing and Small Places

There are different connotations to ‘Brazilian’.

But, more true to SwittersB’s passions, here are a few more that are equally enjoyable: here & here. It is one of the fascinations of what can be hidden in such small places.


Hot Flyfishing Babes (Which do you prefer?)


Gladys Got Her Groove OnWas This Hot Then?









Unless I was in the tropics, the more than half naked babe is little more than a distraction while flyfishing. I mean be real. Nice to look at and savor, but admit it that gal with the rod in her mouth reeks of sexuality. She is doing it all. Holding the net, the brown, hand & fish jammed out there between rod and line, rod in mouth. I won’t lie, I do like those half naked chicks, but if your gal was catching fish like that…her hormones would be perking too. Nature, outdoors, sun, fresh air thing. Hmmm? Stimulating, I think.    
Which reminds me, the calendars. I see those gals at outdoor shows. Yep, they are little perky hardbodies. But if I see another perfect girl in ankle deep water in frigging hip boots holding a rod like a dancer grips the pole, no fish in sight…I will shriek. Prissy, non-outdoorsy and no doubt a whiner on a camping trip. Ok, I’m kind of over reacting on that. At least have them hold a fish they actually caught. Then I will endure the bikini. I mean I am Switters Bumpatter for godsakes.
Good Calender Girl Choice?

Good Calender Girl Choice?

   Typical Calendar Girl 

 Gawd..mabye I am getting a bit old? Choices.

Ok, they are definitiely calendar material…for real…but, the deal is the ‘babes’ at Rogue Angels could probably fish circles around you….check out K8 et al:                                                 

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