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Biofilament (now you see it….later you won’t; innovation for the habitat)

Recently, at the Portland Sportsman’s Show, I met Wayne Black, the Manager of Bioline of Portland, Oregon. Wayne was helpful in providing materials on the revolutionary fishing line. Originally, the Wayne and his associate, Pat Ferguson provided degrading suture materials for medicine. They took that technology and converted the fine tuned process into Bioline. The whole operation is now devoted to the development and sales of Bioline. The line remains 100% effective on your spool for upto 1 year and then the degrading process starts. Within 5 years the material is 99% goner’s along with the spool it came on. That is compared to the hundreds of years it would take regular mono to degrade. I used some as tippet material this weekend and found it to tie knots just fine and to have low memory. It seemed thicker than my usual line, but it seemed to fish just fine. It is going to come in 4#, 6,8,10,12 and 20# spools at prices commensurate to say fluoro spools but for more line: 210 yards.


   Wayne said the company is working on distributors now. Perhaps this is the wave for the future. How nice for drift fisherman to not leave gobs of line in the water and on the shore. Still there for awhile, yes, but stil better than current hundred of years.         Wayne Black   (502) 517-8001

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