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The Monkey Fish…Another Freakish Creature

Monkey Fish Xray




Twilight Zone Theme Music now……………….

In the Whackadoodle Genre there are all manner of screw balls. But, also, attached to these ‘unexplained’ natural phenomena there are interesting visuals. Peruse the Truth Behind the Scenes blog and you will find all manner of interesting visuals and the supposedly unexplained. Not delving into it too far; I just enjoy the photos. 


Whales vs. Salmon

Whales vs. Salmon and Fisher: Am I missing something here. These good ol’ boys seem more worried about a missed ’50 pounder’ (my ass) than the amazing spectacle of whales all about. Apparently, being in Alaska, they are more accustomed to whales all about their boat than catching a ’50 pounder’. Now, I have been up there enough times to see some amazing whale encounters around the boat and beneath it. But, these boys remind me why we staff Coast Guard facilities up that way. Maybe one just gets use to such sites, like when you put out of Sitka and eagles are as abundant as seagulls in Tillamook.


Hackle & Hair: Passing Fancy?

Hackles in Women’s Hair: I positively am sick of this topic, but I must add a bit to it based on anecdotal evidence of college young women I know. They (3) of them attending game day, frat and sorority events, oh yeah…classes, have observed a drastic fall off of feathers in the hair. Course that is just Dawgs, Ducks and Beavers territories.

Cree Hackle

Now if this be true, let’s hope the gluttony at Whiting ceases and the prices reduce way back down, without excuses, to the pre-hair adornment craze. What was the pre-craze kill rate per day and the craze kill rate…? Just curious. I know, why should I care?



Just a Week’s Ending Eye Catcher

Perhaps beyond exclamations to describe?

 My Behaviour is Jocular  &  The Honed Peachiex

The sources of beauty are often in places we would not normally visit….yes? Back to bugs, tying, presentation, fish and the like.



Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Montauk, UFO’s…….

It is the weekend, most of you are out fishing. We are on a train headed for Seattle. So, I thought I would provide a few details about at NW favorite: Bigfoot or Sasquatch. I take no position on any of it. Fakers and fraud abound, but that is a side show to what could be out there. Or so they say. These two sites are interesting to peruse and consider, if you spend much time deep in the woods of the NW (Oregon Bigfoot).

Does Bigfoot/Sasquatch rank as funky dementia say like the Montauk Creature of UFO/Alien abductions? Just some light fun to pass the time and shake your head..up/down or sideways?


Fly Fishing: Evening Bite & Space Junk

Dr. Kaku's Universe @ Big Think (Michio Kaku)

Apparently, fly fishers in the Western Hemisphere are probably safe, at least in the Northern half of that hemisphere. But, anywhere else, if you are standing there fishing, you can probably rest assured you are  safe, although that 10-300# chunk of junk may create a noise as it hits the water or trees behind you. Make sure you collect that chunk, if feasible.


“Since the dawn of the Space Age, no one has been injured by falling space debris. The only confirmed case of a person being hit by space junk was in 1997 when Lottie Williams of Tulsa, Okla., was grazed in the shoulder by a small bit of debris from a discarded piece of a Delta rocket.

The odds of someone somewhere on Earth getting struck by the NASA satellite are one in 3,200. But any one person’s odds are astronomically lower— one in 21 trillion.

“You’re way more likely to be hit by lightning” than by the satellite, Mr. McDowell said.

The U.S. tracks the roughly 22,000 pieces of satellites, rockets and other junk orbiting the Earth”  WSJ


Rock: 1 v. Rig: 0 (Rock Hits Rig)

After a nearly perfect day of fly fishing, I was departing the lake, driving along a narrow road, bordered on one side by a very steep bank down to the lake and on the other side by a steep embankment. I was enjoying the last glimpses of the lake on my left. I turned to the right to see a rather large rock/boulder careening down the embankment. I tried to accelerate. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.

Regardless the rock smacked into my right, rear quarter panel and did what big rocks do best to cars. I am thankful it didn’t come in slightly higher at the window level.

The Rig After Impact ~SwittersB~


Man’s Best Friend: Feed Your Dogs

Man’s Best Friends Hungry

Of course, there is always this to consider too! Lost Penis


Weather Channel Dork & the Others

Such a defense of the coverage of Hurricane Irene. Yes, sad the loss of lives and properties. Yes, the ad nauseam warning probably saved many lives. But, we can all agree, except the dorks that produce weather, disaster coverage, that the fool standing in the path of the wind, debris, and other objects is a needless fool. Stop please with such ridiculous coverage. Dork + Streakers   Considered adult theme because of  the one guys schwantz…so you may need to log in as adult on youtube.

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