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expletives deleted….

With excited anticipation, I drove to a remote area to capture the alleged grand, blood moon & eclipse. Hmmm? May I just say ‘whatever’. I say that as a result of frustration at my own poor planning. My heretofore stout tripod broke. A wobbly exercise ensued of attempting to stabilize the camera/lens for the shot. The barely visible dark red orb rose to the East. I tried all the settings imaginable. Nada, nunca,  zip, zero, expletive. At best, I got this…a blurry stack of pancakes at best. The tripod was a disappointment.

blur-blood moon-full-harvest-photo-SwittersB

I retreated toward civilization. Apparently, many had ventured out to view the much touted event. Hundreds of cars moved back toward the metro area…and, they drove as if possessed, as if evading heat seeking missiles…a full moon influence no doubt.

Once back in town, I found a suitable spot to photograph the now full, non-eclipsed moon…my front yard! I found an old tripod and used it to take the beautiful full moon….sans blood.

Harvest Moon-9-27-15-Blood-Full-photo-SwittersB




Bedbugs: City Rankings (Now I itch!)

I’ve written about this in the past and each time, as I am reading the article, I develop an itch…like a pin prick somewhere on my body. Psychosomatic disorders is another topic for later perhaps?

“It is said that bedbugs are not a health hazard and they can’t transmit disease. But I believe they are talking about a bedbug transmitting disease from injecting saliva into your skin during the initial stages of feeding on your blood.

After a bedbug has finished feeding (about fifteen minutes), it is engorged with human blood. The slightest pressure will cause the bug to burst open and spray blood in all directions. Picture of a bedbug that popped and was partially filled with blood can be found at

Here is a list of the top, frequent U.S. cities with bedbug treatments. Now I’m itching again! Nasty little critters, but beyond itching and the mental imagery of blood bloated crawlies around your face at night, they allegedly do not pose a disease hazard, just that bite/itching thing. Damn, now I’m itching again! Consider this a non-flyfishing entomological lesson, of sorts. Dust mites, bed bugs, spiders, fleas….it’s a wonder we get any sleep.

Bed Bug Getty IMages ABC News

Bigger than a flea, but more pesky to humans. Image: Getty/ABC News


Flyfishing Knots (knots to you)

Christmas Island Blue

Christmas Island Blue


Yes, basic knot info. But, a few interesting tidbits re strength of these knots. Compare the regular Trilene knot v. the Improved Trilene or Cinch knot…big difference in strength. I constantly use the Surgeon’s Knot and would never consider the Blood Knot anymore, but you should know how to tie all these. Global FF is pretty emphatic about not copying these knots without their permission.

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