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Going Forth: Zip, Zero, Nada….But, Not Really

It had been some time since I had been able to venture forth to wet a line. So, I joined two other anglers to fish on the Deschutes River yesterday. Much like riding a bike, all the machinations of casting, presentation, timing were there in short order. A smattering of Blue Winged Olives were there, as were assorted Caddis coming off or returning to dap the surface with their egg deposits. The shoreline swarmed with a chironomid hatch. What I did not see all day was a fish. None on the end of my line, none rising or flashing or slashing. None. Nor did my companions make the acquaintance of Mr. Redside Trout.

Now, it wasn’t as if I didn’t probe every likely lie.

Beneath D Tree SB

I searched beneath overhanging trees with their protective shade and pocket water.

Along the Bank

I searched along the banks were the water was deeper and the overhanging grass provided cover and insect activity.

tree moss bottom SBRiffles, rapids, glides, tailouts, under trees, pocket water, undercut banks….all seemed void of fish…for me, this day. Now this is where one adds the obligatory remark “but it didn’t really matter, because I was surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the moment and in good company.”

It was hot and a powerful wind came up river in the afternoon, a portent of a storm front approaching. So, I took some photos and had nice conversations and a few beers and my mind was right with the moment. Yes it nagged at me a touch…the puzzle not solved. But, that is why one comes back to better figure it out. It was a good day.

Feathered Clouds SB

Pink Sky 2

Dark Cloud SB

Reaching Down SB


Planet Trout’s BWO Extravaganza


Check out Tim Barker’s Planet Trout site. He has a vast array of Blue Winged Olive patterns, excellent photos along with many valuable links & resources.


BWO’s: Small Nymph Time for Winter

Patience Brewster

As a beginning fly tier, you may be jumping all over the map with your tying. Perhaps as the trout season slows down a bit hatch wise, now is a good time to catch up on tying a fly fishing staple and it will also serve you well through the Winter season (if you venture out in the cold to chase trout…a steelheader will, of course, relish this masochistic time of year).

SwittersB Fly Box (Direct Sunlight Shot per advice of Planet Trout)

Tie up a bunch of Pheasant Tail Nymphs and fish the little beauties for the coming Blue Winged Olive’s this Fall and then again in late Winter/early Spring. I am sure you tied a few of these in your beginning fly tying course last Winter. Now revisit the pattern and tie a bunch more in sizes 14, 16 and yes 18’s.

Pheasant Tail Nymph (SwittersB)

In addition to Blue Winged Olives (BWO), you should consider/research some “Little Dark Stones” and Chironomids/Midges. 


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